About INETCO® - Every Transaction Tells a Story™

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INETCO® Systems Limited provides transaction-centric application performance monitoring software, network-based data forwarding software and communications gateway products for a variety of application architectures built within physical, hosted, virtual and cloud-based environments. These include:

Our flagship product, INETCO Insight®, has become the de facto standard for monitoring critical applications and services within ATM, payment processing, multi-channel retail banking and other complex enterprise environments. It is built on top of a scalable application performance monitoring (APM) platform that can recognize, correlate and analyze every end-to-end transaction in real-time – without the use of heavy agents, extra traffic loads or code changes.

Utilizing the INETCO Insight APM platform technology as part of its backbone, the INETCO NetStream™ software application is a real-time network data forwarder that streams extensive transaction data into machine data analysis platforms like Splunk®.  INETCO NetStream provides application support teams, IT operations, and security analysts a faster, easier and more consistent way to access the transaction event data they need without scripting or custom log file development required.

Our Vision –To make the monitoring of every distributed application environment simple

INETCO helps companies streamline their operations, better leverage their processing and technology assets, and quickly isolate issues affecting transaction performance, security, and the end customer experience. We provide IT operations, applications support teams and security analysts the end-to-end visibility and intelligence needed to:

Our History - Harnessing Over 30 Years of APM and Transaction Analytics Expertise

INETCO started designing communications gateway products for high reliability, high performance transaction networks in 1984, providing connectivity of dial-up POS and ATM terminals, leased-line ATMs and legacy network protocols to TCP/IP networks, transaction hosts/switches, and third party EFT processors.  The POSway and BankLink communications gateway products helped INETCO build a reputation for its rich protocol expertise in the banking and payment processing industries. 

In 2003, this expertise led to the conception of INETCO Insight – an innovative product architected to trace the path and performance of business transactions as they arrive and wind their way through complex application environments, as opposed to looking deeply into only separate application and infrastructure components. First released in 2008, INETCO Insight started off as market-specific business transaction management software for monitoring high-volume payment processing, ATM and POS environments.

In 2012, the full INETCO Insight APM platform was released, providing a one stop solution for monitoring any enterprise application, regardless of protocol, platform, or network architecture environment. This highly-configurable, real-time platform is now deployed within a broad variety of vertical markets, providing a transaction-centric view into application performance, real-time transaction events, and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) that can be fed into any core enterprise management system such as Splunk, HP Operations Manager, IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus and NCR's APTRA Vision or APTRA OptiCash.

In 2013, INETCO released the INETCO NetStream transaction event data forwarding application. The INETCO NetStream software application automatically streams full message payloads, transaction request/response timings and network address data into enterprise monitoring systems like Splunk to allow for deeper application performance management, IT operations analytics and security analysis. 

spanning the banking, retail, healthcare, travel, telecommunications and payment processing markets. - See more at:

spanning the banking, retail, healthcare, travel, telecommunications and payment processing markets. - See more at:

Our Products and Services - INETCO Insight, INETCO NetStream, POSway, BankLink & Professional Services

INETCO Insight Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software

The INETCO Insight platform is revolutionizing the application performance monitoring (APM) space with its lightweight data collection, message decoding and transaction correlation capabilities.  It is the only real-time transaction monitoring solution to provide a consolidated view of network performance data, application payload intelligence, and detailed application and third party response times for every transaction.  This transaction-centric APM perspective makes problem discovery, problem isolation, and application optimization much faster and easier.  Customers consistently report 60-75% faster problem isolation and significant customer service improvements.

INETCO Insight captures and reconstructs complex, multi-hop, multi-message transaction paths involving a variety of applications and protocol types, third party data centers and networks, multiple switches, distributed network infrastructures and cloud-based environments.  You can correlate and display an entire transaction path from raw network traffic, as well as derive rich IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) without having to deploy intrusive agents or modify the underlying application stack.  Learn more

POSway and BankLink Communication Gateway Products

POSway and BankLink are communication gateway products that provide protocol conversion for dial-up POS and ATM terminals, as well as connectivity of leased-line ATMs and legacy network protocols to TCP/IP networks, transaction hosts/switches, and third party EFT processors.   Learn more about POSway or BankLink

INETCO Professional Services

Download the INETCO Corporate Profile (PDF)

The INETCO professional services team is made up of world-class transaction specialists with deep knowledge and experience in enterprise implementations.  Services include business transaction management analytics, reporting roll-out and development, configuration services and training.  Learn more

INETCO NetStream Network-based Data Forwarding Application

The INETCO NetStream data streaming application captures every transaction event and makes all this data easily accessible. It collects individual packets from your network, decodes the application message payloads and request/response timings and builds rich transaction event data records that are continuously forwarded to enterprise management systems like Splunk for deeper analysis and faster problem remediation.

Analyze individual user interactions and usage patterns. Understand how applications and IT infrastructure are performing from second-to-second. Determine when intruders are attempting to compromise enterprise security. Use INETCO NetStream to get more out of your existing monitoring system investment.

Our Customers and Partners

INETCO’s customer base includes over 150 payment processors, banks, credit unions, merchant acquirers, EFT/card network providers, large retailers, independent ATM deployers, alternative payment solution providers, and telecommunications customers.  Spread over 50 countries, this list includes global leaders such as First Data, Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), Moneris, Open Solutions, TNS, Jack Henry & Associates, Nokia-Siemens, Diebold, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Vodafone,Telecom New Zealand and Travelex.  

INETCO has established a strong global community of partners such as NCR, Splunk, IBM, Alaric and Stratus Technologies, that recommend INETCO products and services to customers that are managing high volume transaction environments and needing a transaction management tool to compliment their existing component monitoring solutions.  Some of our partners within the application management space are also integrating INETCO Insight’s transaction monitoring capabilities into their own solutions.

Our Core Values

INETCO is committed to remaining a market leader in transaction management software, offering the deepest expertise and providing the most-responsive support team to help companies get the most out of their complex transaction environments. We strive to reach our goals through:

Our Future

INETCO has positioned the INETCO Insight platform for widespread enterprise expansion by ensuring that:

INETCO continues to evolve its transaction-centric application performance monitoring software, focusing on areas such as expanded protocol support and message decoding capabilities, guided discovery for configuration and machine learning technology for correlation, alerting and advanced analytics. INETCO already has a strong base of intellectual property including patents in areas such as:

“INETCO helps companies unlock the full potential of their operational infrastructures. We give them unparalleled visibility into electronic transactions and make it easy to access the transaction intelligence needed to optimize their performance. Our customers have a newfound ability to align their IT operations with corporate business objectives by maximizing transaction throughput, improving end-customer experience, and reducing infrastructure costs” - Bijan Sanii, President & CEO, INETCO Systems Ltd. 

"INETCO Insight captures the end-to-end transaction intelligence retailers need to help optimize real-time application performance, consolidate network infrastructure, and streamline processes related to troubleshooting, while minimizing the risk of service impacts on revenue, customer retention and IT productivity.”

Michael Tasooji, INETCO Board Member and CIO