Unlocking your ATM “Big Data”
A webinar exploring the power of real-time transaction analytics

DOWNLOAD the ATM Big Data Analytics Whitepaper


INETCO invites you to attend this webinar and learn how you can gain easier access to all your ATM network traffic, quickly process huge amounts of transactional data and create actionable statistics across a broad range of use cases, including:

  • Incident and systems management – Isolate ATM service issues up to 75% faster
  • Business management – Improve the profitability of your ATM network
  • Cash management – Reduce failed customer interactions by as much as 25%

If you have an existing ATM management solution deployed such as Gasper Vantage or NCR’s APTRA Vision, you will also learn how you can stream this rich transactional data into the preferred management platform of their choice.

Interested in learning more about transaction monitoring and analytics software for your ATM environment? Email insight@inetco.com.

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