Complimentary Analyst Report on Application Monitoring – INETCO Insight for IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

An in-depth assessment of the INETCO Insight application monitoring software by TRAC Research

Learn how this transaction-centric application monitoring software built for IT operations and application support teams ranks compared to industry standards in the application performance management and IT operations analytics (ITOA) space.

See why over 120 end-users and customers have ranked INETCO Insight as a Leader in application monitoring categories such as:

  • Usability of Data – Captures, decodes, correlates and displays information for every transaction, making a full transaction view easily accessible for both business and IT decision making
  • Deployment Process – Host-based collectors allow you the flexibility of deploying INETCO Insight as agentless, agent-based or a hybrid
  • Deployment Value – Time to value is better than the industry average for similar types of solutions
  • User Resources – Requires less resources to be deployed and managed compared to similar solutions in the market
  • Industry Sector – Provides dedicated capabilities for industry sectors such as Banking, Payment Processing, Retail and e-Commerce

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