INETCO Banklink

BankLink Product Overview

BankLink is communications gateway software that connects leased-line ATMS to TCP/IP networks

An important part of any customer-based expansion or controlled technology migration process is managing communications risks such as transaction failures, protocol issues and service disruptions for end-customers. A reliable communications gateway product that can seamlessly connect TCP/IP, SNA, and other leased-line ATMs to any transaction host/switch and EFT network should be a part of the overall solution.

BankLink is a communications gateway software solution that offers protocol conversion, transaction aggregation, multiple host support and extensive network management capabilities.

Providing a TCP/IP interface to a large suite of legacy protocols that are used on ATM networks, such as SNA/SDLC, X.25, and 3270 BSC, BankLink resolves issues relating to connectivity of leased-line ATMs and legacy network protocols to TCP/IP networks, transaction hosts/switches, and third-party EFT processors.

Independent ATM deployers, Banks, Credit Unions, Transaction Processors, and Financial Service Providers use BankLink communications gateway software to:

BankLink deployment architecture for leased line ATMs

“INETCO's BankLink solution and expertise were critical in allowing us to provide the server migration in the shortest amount of time and in the least disruptive manner possible. BankLink let us concentrate completely on the server migration, eliminating any need for us to deal with connectivity issues. With the products and support INETCO provides, we're confident that we have the right partner to repeat this success with other Continuum customers.”

Juan-Pablo Gonzalez, Director General
Stratus Technologies Mexico, S.A. De C.V.