INETCO Insight® 5.2 Revealed

Introducing INETCO Insight 5.2 – A new kind of application performance monitoring software for IT Operations and OEM integration partners


INETCO Insight 5.2 builds on the core INETCO Insight 5 capabilities with the addition of an analytics service that tracks transaction usage and performance characteristics for individual objects (e.g. users, devices, hosts) and reports this data through both the user interface and an API. Included in this release:

  • A dashboard object view component to provide IT Operations teams with the framework needed to access actionable transaction statistics, such as how many times a particular user has experienced a transaction decline.
  • An application programming interface (API) that provides OEM integration partners with a way to stream transaction-based data captured by INETCO Insight to any management system console, leveraging flexible, network-based INETCO Insight collectors that can run in virtual, Cloud and SaaS environments.
  • A field programmable interface that enables creation of customized statistics specific to customer’s application environments.

"Our research shows that a transaction-centric approach to application performance management reduces mean-time-to-repair for incidents in multi-tier applications by over 70%. However, the management overhead of agent-based transaction monitoring solutions can be a challenge in many application environments - only 39% of organizations adopt a transaction-centric approach to APM. INETCO Insight's ability to provide rich transaction analytics without agents, code changes, or network appliances eases these deployment challenges for organizations."

- Bojan Simic, President and Principal Analyst at TRAC Research


Marc Borbas, VP of Marketing at INETCO Systems Ltd.

Marc Borbas is the Vice President of Marketing for INETCO. In his role, he sets product strategy for INETCO Insight, the company's flagship business transaction management product. Borbas has worked in the applications and infrastructure software space for more than 12 years, and has an extensive background in marketing, business strategy and product development at Sophos, Business Objects (now SAP), Crystal Decisions, and Fincentric Corporation.

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