INETCO Solutions for ATM Fleet Management, ATM Monitoring and Self-Service Channel Analytics


Branch transformation initiatives, expanding value-added services and more sophisticated ATM devices are resulting in an explosion of ATM fleet management data. As the volume of self-service and cross-channel customer interactions continues to increase, so does the challenge for banks, credit unions and IAD’s to keep service management risk in check with support and analytics costs. Key ATM monitoring and channel management initiatives include:

  • Improving customer engagement and convenience – Understanding customer behavior and analyzing ATM channel usage
  • Reducing ATM channel management costs – Efficiently managing multi-vendor devices, ATM fraud and software while improving reporting processes, optimizing ATM availability and increasing the number of customer interactions completed
  • Understanding cash movement – Improving ATM channel profitability and cash flow handling at each individual ATM and self-service kiosk location


Improve ATM usage, extend incident management across all infrastructure and understand the customer experience with INETCO solutions

ATM monitoring and self-service channel management strategies now require visibility beyond device availability and switch performance. INETCO solutions will help you monitor and process huge amounts of customer transaction intelligence in real-time, and establish complete, end-to-end visibility into your ATM channel performance. Stream transaction data and customized real-time alerts to your ATM management system of choice, or directly rely on INETCO solutions to:

  • Break down the revenues and costs of each individual ATM, and analyze overall channel profitability based upon card types, ATM locations, customer product and cross-channel usage
  • Support more sophisticated ATM services without risk of service disruption
  • Gain a customer-centric view into ATM performance and usage behaviors to improve customer conversion rates and deepen customer banking engagement
  • Meet regulatory compliance by identifying risky transaction behavior, excessive transaction activity and EMV fallbacks and alerting to specific response code errors in real-time
  • Improve ATM availability, increase successful customer interactions, and lower first-call resolution rates by isolating device, host connectivity, network and application issues affecting transaction performance 65-75% faster

Are you ready to guarantee the completion of all your customer interactions, regardless of where they originate and where they end?

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