Learn how to resolve ATM cash disputes in a timely, cost-effective manner


Read the solutions sheet for Reconciliation and ATM Dispute Resolution

“I requested $60 and the ATM only gave my $40”

“The CIT vendor says they loaded the machine with $25,000, but we are getting cash out messages after it has only dispensed $20,000.”

If you’re responsible for the ATM channel, you know that either of these events could kick off an expensive, multi-day investigation involving lots of manual intervention.

The challenge lies in the hidden complexities of the ATM channel. While the estate looks unified to the end customer, behind the scenes, it’s anything but.

In a typical bank, some devices are run in-house, while others are outsourced. Not only are multiple software and hardware platforms in use across the fleet, a variety of service providers with different processes and operating models are used to maintain and replenish the fleet.

As a result, transaction data is spread in fragments across many different systems and parties both within and outside the bank. Pulling all this data back together and making sure it accurately reflects what actually happened is what makes ATM cash dispute resolution expensive and time-consuming.

But what if you could capture all the data before it gets fragmented across dozens of systems?

That’s the unique approach INETCO brings to the ATM cash dispute resolution process. INETCO Insight captures the transaction data “off the wire” as the customer request travels from the ATM to the switch and back.

Our solution captures every customer transaction in real-time, logging all the important characteristics of the transaction you need for dispute resolution.

Screenshot of the INETCO Insight transaction screen displaying an “unsolicited status” message that was sent by the ATM after a customer completed a withdrawal transaction, but did not take the cash.


From here, you can choose one of two strategies for using this information:

  1. You can feed our data to your existing reconciliation tool so you have a record of every transaction available immediately to speed up dispute resolution, or
  2. You can use our software to capture and integrate data from both the network and from other sources, such as electronic journals and switch logs, to provide you with a single, unified view of every ATM transaction.

By using either strategy, you can respond to customers faster and speed up ATM cash dispute resolution while saving time and money. When you have a moment, read the INETCO solutions sheet for reconciliation and ATM dispute resolution to learn more. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us directly at .