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Put your data center on the path to world-class performance. 30th annual Gartner Data Center Conference 2011, December 5 – 8, in Las Vegas, NV. In addition, join INETCO for on-site activities. Learn more.


Thinking about attending the 30th annual Gartner Data Center Conference 2011? Register now and save $300 on the standard registration fee. As a conference sponsor, we’d like to invite you to participate in these special on-site activities:

  • Stop by INETCO Booth 58 for a demonstration of the newly released INETCO Insight 5 product, a lightweight transaction monitoring solution that has made is easy to adopt transaction monitoring as a part of your application performance management strategy.
  • Attend the Tuesday, December 6th Magic Quadrant session being held from 6:40-7:00PM, and find out why INETCO was positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Challenger’s quadrant of the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Magic Quadrant released on September 19th, 2011.
  • Plan to take in the Tuesday, December 6th session being held from 7:40-8:00PM in the Forum Ballroom Show Floor Theater titled: How Transaction Profiling Helped Moneris Solutions Improve Customer Service Reliability. During this session, Kin Lee-Yow, GM of Gateway Services & Director of Technology Infrastructure for Moneris Solutions will discuss how Moneris Solutions and their partner, the Royal Bank of Canada, utilize end user experience monitoring, transaction profiling, and application performance analytics to improve service reliability for over 350,000 retailers. Hear how transaction-level monitoring improves the end-user experience and high performance application reliability.

Heightened Risks, Unbounded Opportunities: Managing Complexity in the Data Center

Economic, technological and cultural forces are rapidly reshaping the data center. The impact of social media, mobile devices, 24/7 anytime-anywhere access to data and the popularization of cloud computing have added new dimensions to your traditional concerns.

Join us at the Gartner Data Center Conference 2011. The premier event for data center and I&O executives will be celebrating its 30th anniversary—a three-decade commitment to keeping you ahead of the trends, technologies and market forces impacting the data center.

Hot Topics

  • Building the private cloud
  • Virtualization: servers, storage, client, network
  • ITIL
  • Process improvement
  • Storage growth
  • Cost optimization
  • IT operations
  • Mobility
  • Modernization
  • Servers and operating systems
  • Disaster recovery
  •  Business continuity
  • Navigating the vendor landscape
  • Business alignment

Don’t delay! Register now at your special rate of $1,850—a $300 savings on the standard rate of $2,150. Go to or call
1 866 405 2511 and mention priority code LSCINE.

We look forward to seeing you in December!

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