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What is An Electronic Transaction?

What is an electronic transaction?  Answer: A simple action by a customer that quickly becomes very complex to execute. The term “transaction” is used by most people to describe everything from a stock trade to the transfer of money or… read more


The CIO and End-to-End Transaction Visibility

With each installment of this six-part “Who Owns the End-to-End Transaction?” blog series, we took a close look at how various IT and applications support teams benefit from end-to-end transaction visibility.   INETCO has also released a summary whitepaper titled, “Who… read more


Who Owns the End-to-End Transaction?

Transaction-level monitoring matters more and more within enterprise operations environments – if for no other reason than so many different teams within the IT operations and application support ecosystems can benefit.  Transactions offer visibility into how each team’s operational domain… read more