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What is Omnichannel Banking?

There is a lot of hype and context around the word omnichannel, especially within the banking vertical. But what does it all really mean? We went to our banking customers and payment service providers to find out exactly why they wanted an enterprise view of customers interactions and a holistic view on banking operations.

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Omnichannel Banking and the Data Chaos Impact

The definition of omnichannel banking seems to vary, depending on the financial institution you ask. Is it about delivering the same capabilities across all channels, or tailoring the customer experience according to each channel’s strength?

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16 Top ITOA Predictions for 2014

The ITOA Landscape’s 2014 ITOA Predictions list features exclusive quotes from the recently recognized IT Operations Analytics Leaders list (the ITOA50), including INETCO’s VP of Products, Marc Borbas, as well as the leading analysts focused on ITOA. This collection provides insightful and… read more