Real-time Transaction Events Feed for HP Operations Manager

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Earlier this week, we announced a transaction events feed for HP’s Operations Manager (formerly HP OpenView) product. If you’re an organization that currently uses this management system, and is looking for a more complete view into IT operations analytics (ITOA), this is good news for you.

Why? Read on…

HP Operations Manager used to be called HP OpenView. It has been traditionally used to do deep dive monitoring of devices on the network; not provide visibility into individual transactions and response times across an entire path or life cycle of a transaction, as INETCO Insight does.

Many INETCO customers, relying on INETCO Insight for transaction-centric application performance monitoring data, also use IT management systems like HP Operations Manager (or IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus, or NCR APTRA Vision, or Splunk). These systems provide them with a wealth of data—so much that it can be difficult for them to determine what data is actionable and for what purpose. These customers are looking to harness this data to create rich IT operations analytics. Fortunately, with INETCO Insight, they can.

“Unlike most APM software, the INETCO Insight platform has open interfaces for forwarding data to any IT management and analytics system,” said Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO. “This means faster access to rich transaction event data made available whenever, wherever you want it. By making it easy to forward the data they need directly into the performance management system of their choice, IT operations teams can consult fewer screens with better information, improving both workflow efficiency and service delivery. “

INETCO Insight’s open data interfaces allow the product to seamlessly provide real-time transaction events and status information that can then be used to trigger incidents and actionable resolution processes based on user defined rules set within HP Operations Manager.

Accessing a wide range of performance data through a single platform is an important priority for IT organizations.

“63% of user organizations in TRAC’s recent survey identified time spent correlating performance data as a key challenge. INETCO Insight’s proven ability to correlate data collected from different sources, coupled with their ability to feed detailed transaction intelligence to common IT management systems such as HP Operations Manager, Splunk or IBM OMNIbus, positions the transaction-centric application performance monitoring software well to overcome this challenge. By accessing this data through a single platform, users can now take advantage of synergies between different types of data, cross-correlate application/transaction events with infrastructure events, and quickly determine how service levels are impacted during outages or brownouts.”  – Bojan Simic, President & Principal Analyst at TRAC Research

Fore more information, read the full press release about the new INETCO Insight real-time transaction feed for HP Operations Manager.

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