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omnichannel banking webinar

Omnichannel Banking and the Data Chaos Impact

The definition of omnichannel banking seems to vary, depending on the financial institution you ask. Is it about delivering the same capabilities across all channels, or tailoring the customer experience according to each channel’s strength?

INETCO Insight® 6.0.7 is Available

INETCO Insight® 6.0.7 is available for download on INETCO’s secured support website: https://support.inetco.com/welcome/ OVERVIEW: Any update from INETCO Insight versions prior to 6.0.5 WARNING: will require new license serial numbers from INETCO. If applicable, contact your INETCO Support Representative before installing this release to… read more

INETCO Analytics® 1.1 is Now Available

OVERVIEW INETCO Analytics™, a self-serve, analytics application, is an easy way for financial institutions to gain easy access into their customer transaction data any time they need it. With on-demand access to rich records of every consumer transaction, line of… read more

Unhappy customer at ATM

What is Customer Analytics? (Part 1 of 4)

In retail banking, understanding customer behavior can help you tailor product and service offerings to encourage loyalty, increase revenue, decrease risk, and align service costs appropriately.