Whitepaper: Data Access Options to Accelerate Your Digital Banking Transformation

A guide to making transaction data easily available to any application or organizational team who needs it

Digital Transformation Whitepaper - Data Access Options


Digital transformation demands a new approach to understanding customer behavior. Gone are the days of in-branch relationship banking. According to Accenture, 79% of consumers consider their banking relationship to be transactional. If you’re not grounding your digital transformation process with a solid base of customer transaction data, you run the risk of losing valuable business to those who are.

This guide presents a robust menu of data collection and data integration options that make customer transaction intelligence easily accessible for a wide range of teams and systems, including:

  • Channel management
  • Analytics
  • IT performance
  • Cash management
  • Fraud management platforms

With fast and effective data collection and connectivity, operations teams and business leaders can utilize rich transaction data to make more informed decisions, and identify new ways to lower the cost to serve, improve customer engagement, and reduce the risk of fraud.

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Learn how to accelerate your digital banking transformations by making transaction data easily available through:

Transaction log files and extended search capabilities

Real-time data forwarding

Open data access for any application

Digital transformation is driving the need for real-time insights into customer behavior. Armed with this information, decision makers can act faster to lower the cost to serve, improve the customer experience, and reduce the risk of fraud. Our continuous transaction data collection capabilities and robust menu of data access options provide an easy way to share this intelligence with a wide range of existing systems, including channel management, analytics, cash management, or fraud management platforms.

Bijan Sanii