Introducing INETCO Insight® Cloud - Early Adopter Program

Identify ATM transaction performance issues and fraud attacks as they are unfolding – not after the damage is done

INETCO Insight Cloud is a real-time alerting solution for financial institutions that want immediate visibility into performance issues affecting customer experience at the ATM. By continuously analyzing customer transactions as they happen, across your entire ATM fleet, INETCO Insight Cloud will enable you to quickly address flagged problems related to transaction completion rates, host response issues, and other suspicious behaviors.

With the Early Adopter Program now available in North America, INETCO Insight Cloud is ready to help you maximize ATM profitability and deliver an amazing customer experience, while optimizing both your IT support time and operational costs.

Real-time visibility into ATM transaction performance – without heavy IT infrastructure investment:

Detect ATM fraud with real-time alerts and take immediate action

Minimize ATM downtime by proactively identifying hardware, performance, and network issues, as well as efficiently scheduling onsite maintenance

Enhance customer experience by instantly reacting to failed or incomplete interactions

Be on the lookout for more INETCO Insight Cloud modules:

  • Real-Time ATM Alerts (available now)
  • Real-Time Switch Alerts
  • Transaction Search User Interface
  • Real-Time Dashboards and Statistics
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Anomaly Detection and Predictive Analytics
  • Open Data Access

“Real-time visibility into fraud and performance issues across an entire ATM fleet often requires a high level of inferred costs – including on premise infrastructure investment and IT support. With INETCO Insight Cloud, banks and credit unions with smaller fleets can now justify the investment and achieve faster ROI.”

IAN CHAN, VP Product Management at INETCO