Enhance your customer experiences while reducing operational support costs

INETCO Insight® allows you to access complete customer transaction data for operational performance monitoring, usage analysis and anomaly detection – across all banking channels

INETCO Insight® is an independent transaction monitoring software and data streaming platform that provides a real-time, end-to-end operations view into the performance of all digital banking transactions happening within your omni-channel banking, self-service networks, and payment processing environments.

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Reduce operational costs by resolving transaction slowdowns and failures faster

Improve uptime and availability across all self-service banking devices

Deliver the ultimate customer experience with real-time performance monitoring, usage analysis and anomaly detection

Key Features

  • Continuous transaction-level monitoring
  • Searchable, 90 day transaction logs
  • End-to-end transaction reconstruction and profiling
  • Transaction streaming and data forwarding API's
  • Real-time alerting engine
  • On-demand operations analytics

Through our partnership and investment in INETCO’s omnichannel monitoring and analytics solutions, BECU now enjoys a member-centric, “hands on” view into operational performance, customer usage and channel profitability. We are now cultivating a data-driven culture that can add member value through improved ATM availability, convenient self-service device placement, a lower cost-to-serve and better product-to-member service alignment.”

SHIRLEY TAYLOR, Digital Channel Manager, Product Management & Development at BECU