INETCO Insight transaction-level monitoring software for banking and payments environments

Banking software for managing the performance of customer transactions within banking and payments environments

Are you looking to understand how customer banking interactions and payments are performing?

Or perhaps you are trying to meet real-time transaction alerting compliance from interbank networks such as Interac?

INETCO Insight transaction-level monitoring software is specifically designed to manage and troubleshoot the performance of digital transactions within credit union, multi-channel banking and payment processing environments.

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See INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring and alerting software in action

INETCO Insight is a transaction-level monitoring, troubleshooting and alerting software platform used by IT operations and applications support teams looking to:

Improve profitability

Reduce operational support costs

Deliver an amazing customer experience

“UBA is currently using INETCO Insight transaction-level monitoring and troubleshooting software for all of our e-banking channels. It has changed the way we engage our customers and helped us deliver a seamless omnichannel banking experience.”

Nosakhare Ehigie
Unit Head, POS Support, UBA