Whitepaper: Managing Omni-channel Banking Initiatives

Aligning new performance requirements with building blocks of omni-channel transformation

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Leading banks and credit unions are prioritizing omni-channel banking and digital transformation initiatives that will help unlock new revenue streams, minimize the multi-channel customer experience gap and maximize customer banking engagement across all banking channels.

This whitepaper is for channel managers and digital executives undertaking new interoperability, transaction streamlining, and customer analytics initiatives. It discusses why leading banks and credit unions are choosing to manage customer experience and banking operations infrastructure from a real-time, multi-channel perspective.

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Implementing an omnichannel banking framework is synonymous with digital transformation. Both require financial institutions to invest in essential building blocks related to:


  • Projects related to minimizing the threat of non-bank competition and faster integration of third party applications and technology advancements

Transaction streamlining

  • Projects focused on supporting the behavior of digitally driven customer segments

Delivering the right services to the right customer segments

  • Projects that will aid in advanced market segmentation, personalization and new revenue streams that will engage customers — rather than simply facilitating transactions — skillfully across all channels

“UBA is currently using INETCO solutions to monitor all of our e-banking channels. It has changed the way we engage our customers and helped us deliver a seamless omni-channel experience.”

Nosakhare Ehigie
Unit Head, POS Support, UBA