A combined approach to cash management, ATM management and real-time transaction monitoring

A whitepaper describing how banks can achieve enterprise performance awareness in multi-channel environments


Download this whitepaper from NCR and INETCO. Learn how multi-channel banking technology can help you improve consumer experience through:

ATM performance monitoring

Make sure your ATM and other self-service channels are meeting the needs of your consumers with a proven ATM management solution such as NCR APTRA Vision.

Cash availability awareness

Ensure the right amount of cash is in the right place at the right time. Learn how to automate and optimize ATM cash planning. Release millions of dollars in efficiencies to your bottom line with the NCR APTRA OptiCash cash management solution.

Better transaction completion rates

Isolate application, network and third party service issues affecting critical consumer banking interactions in a timely manner. Avert ATM availability issues and quickly fix transaction slowdowns or failures anywhere within your ATM, POS or other self-service environment with the INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software.

The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities, bundled with NCR’s APTRA Vision product, represents a combined solution that is far superior to any other application performance monitoring products in the market today. The ability to combine and analyze granular details on consumer transactions and ATM device statistics means we have maximum control over all the various services and payment options being provided through our ATM network and other banking channels.  We can react in seconds – not hours – to what our end customers are experiencing.”

Jamal Abboud
Group CIO
National Bank of Abu Dhabi

BECU is committed to providing an exceptional member experience, so rather than rely on after-the-fact third party reporting, we’re using NCR APTRA Vision and INETCO Insight to get the real-time, end-to-end visibility we need to ensure the consistent availability of our self-service channels.”

Shirley Taylor
ATM Channel Manager

Sinergia is now able to extend our service to a larger base of banks, and provide the multi-vendor ATM monitoring, multi-application maintenance and transaction analytics that our customers demand.  This enables Sinergia to guarantee ATM availability, identify fraudulent behaviour anomalies, such as cash trapping, and deliver undisrupted services to all our customers. The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities, bundled with NCR APTRA Vision, enables this by providing a powerful, cost effective solution that is far superior to any performance monitoring solution on the market today.”

Marco Monti
Banking Services Vice President