Whitepaper - Paving Your Path to Branch Transformation

Three channel performance management tactics for success

Paving your path to branch transformation

Read this branch transformation whitepaper from INETCO and NCR.

Learn about channel performance management solutions that support the performance of an integrated digital environment and provide visibility into the omni-channel consumer experience.

Understand how these tools will enable bank branches to show off new digital capabilities, provide efficient resolution to operational performance issues and support the expansion of customer wallet share.

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This whitepaper outlines three key adaptations to your existing channel performance management approach that will help support the integration of branch transformation strategies:

Device management

Know and understand your self-service devices

Transaction management

Unlock the value of customer transaction data

Cash management

Be on top of your cash flow movement

“Success in branch transformation starts with laying the groundwork to reach an “all systems go” nirvana. Investment in channel performance management software not only ensures all banking systems and devices are successfully functioning, but also enables banks to easily develop new digital products, seamlessly plug and play third party offerings through API’s, and process all types of omni-channel consumer interactions without the risk of service disruption.”

Stacy Gorkoff
VP, Marketing