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Real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software for omni-channel banking, self-service networks, and payment processing environments

A man using mobile check out while INETCO Insight monitors the transaction and provides machine learning and risk scoring to detect any form of payment fraud

Explore how INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics can help you:

  • Extract rich, correlated transaction data in a timely, cost-effective way

  • View the real-time performance of every customer transaction, across all payments and banking channels

  • Make it easy to use transaction data for faster problem isolation, on-demand customer analytics & more profitable business decisions

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INETCO solutions help banks, payment processors and other financial organizations in areas such as:

Real-time Payment Fraud Detection & Prevention

  • Enhancing front-end fraud detection & reducing chargebacks
  • Identifying emerging fraud indicators
  • Improving risk scoring precision & safely reducing the number of false positives

Omnichannel Management & Digital Transformation

  • Establishing an end-to-end operations view, across all channels
  • Retrieving timely transaction data for customer experience and profitability analysis
  • Increasing availability and reducing problem resolution times

Branch Transformation & ATM Management

  • Managing the performance of multi-vendor self-service devices
  • Migrating more transaction types and services to the digital channels
  • Gaining visibility into the interconnections between new applications, legacy applications and third party services

“Whether it is front line operations, the secondary support teams doing research, or our business teams looking for a better understanding of card usage or ATM channel performance, INETCO’s real-time transaction data platform has positively impacted us all. Woodforest has been able to take a multi-faceted approach to real-time transaction intelligence. This data strategy has measurably paid off in terms of operational efficiency, customer experience and branch profitability.”

Scott Haney
Vice President, Corporate Operations