Transaction Tuesdays Webinar Series

Helping You Get Your 5-Minute Fix on the Latest in Transaction Data!


INETCO is combining two things we all love – Taco Tuesdays and transactions that go off without a hitch. While we sadly cannot send you a taco every Tuesday, we will email you a short  video discussing all things transaction data! Take 5 minutes for the next 5 weeks to learn about the challenges, the pitfalls, and the future of managing the end-to-end customer experience.

Spicy Topics Include:

  1. Omni-channel Delivery
  2. Operational Awareness
  3. Early Warning Fraud Detection
  4. ATM & Branch Transformation
  5. Card Usage and Customer Engagement

We hope you will sit back, grab a taco, and join us every week for Transaction Tuesdays!


Key takeaways from this series include:

New ways to minimize operational costs and improve IT performance

How to efficiently manage complex payments environments

How to gain a full, real-time end-to-end view into your transaction environment