A Resource to Help Build Your Case for Real-time Transaction Monitoring and Performance Analytics in ATM Banking Environments

Transaction monitoring software with a proven ROI in ATM and multi-channel retail banking environments

INETCO Landing - What's the ROI?

It’s no secret that real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software delivers benefits to retail banks and payment processors: faster problem discovery, smarter troubleshooting, and better performance awareness.

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Adopt a robust ATM management strategy

Improve profitability AND deliver a better customer experience.

Hear from INETCO customers how INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software has impacted customer experience, operational efficiency and profitability:

We couldn’t have migrated to our new banking platform unless we could prove we were able to manage the operational and service disruption risks associated with new technology roll-outs. INETCO Insight gave us the quickest and most lightweight solution to real-time transaction monitoring. The INETCO tool has had a positive impact on our strategy. We are already expanding its capabilities into our other online channels.”

Fred Cook
North Shore Credit Union

…With INETCO Insight, we were able to see immediate improvements in our billing accuracy, with the number of ‘unidentified’ transactions decreasing by over 90%. In terms of spending money on capital projects, these billing improvements resulted in INETCO Insight being my best payback project for the year.”

Brian Shackleton
SLM Rural & Transactions, ICT Services
Gen-i (Telecom New Zealand)

INETCO Insight empowers us to safely scale our ACI Postilion-based processing business, while continuing to fulfill our commitment to exceptional customer service delivery. INETCO helps us to focus on our core services and support our clients’ growth to help them increase their productivity.”

Ciaran Jones
Vice President of Operations