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INETCO eNEWS | July 8, 2015
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Spend less time worrying about your banking channels and more time enjoying the sunshine with INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics. See what INETCO was up to last quarter in this sunny edition of the INETCO Insider newsletter.
Monitoring the real-time performance of transactions within active/active banking architectures can be quite challenging. This whitepaper from INETCO and Stanchion Payments Solutions explains how real-time alerting and visibility into the complex, multi-node path of every transaction will help you quickly get to the heart of any transaction issues affecting the end customer experience. Read the Whitepaper to learn more.
Edenred   Edenred México Chooses INETCO Insight for Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

“INETCO Insight is now our key monitoring tool for the main transaction platform, allowing us to visualize quickly and efficiently any instability or loss of performance. Visibility into real-time transaction data enables us to respond rapidly to critical situations.”
Laurent Long, Director of Technology and Information - Edenred México
Banking Technology   Bringing the channels together:
At a recent round-table event organised and hosted by NCR, discussions centred on how channel operations teams can embrace enterprise-wide performance awareness, and take a holistic approach to managing their multi-channel banking environments.
Shrinking the elephant:
How BECU made ATM big data manageable

Earlier this year, BECU worked with INETCO to address some of the big issues that face most financial institutions today.
  ATM Marketplace
ATM Marketplace   Why Transaction Monitoring, Why Now?
NCR and INETCO discuss transaction management best practices that will enable you to deliver a true omni-channel experience.

Advice from the Trenches - BECU's Approach to ATM Customer Analytics
Shirley Taylor, ATM channel manager at BECU, and Kambiz Asrar Haghighi, VP of product management at INETCO, explain how BECU taps into game-changing knowledge of where, when and how members interact with their ATM channel.

  BECU's Approach to ATM Customer Analytics
Banking Technology   Printec Partners with INETCO to deliver transaction “Big Data” and on-demand banking analytics
INETCO Analytics now available for banks, ATM deployers and financial service institutions within Central and Eastern Europe

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