Fraud Case Management Software and Workflows

Fraud Case Management Software and Workflows

Speeding up payment fraud investigations with seamless fraud case management software and workflows

How does the INETCO Insight fraud investigation software help speed up triage and close fraud cases faster?

INETCO Insight features configurable fraud case management software and workflows to improve both the reactive investigation and proactive identification of transaction-level fraud attacks. This simplified triage system helps you speed up the detection and blocking (or unblocking) of suspicious fraud payment transactions.

How to use INETCO Insight fraud case management and workflows

Customized case management software workflows

Logical workflow rules are designed to help automate the payment fraud triage process, limit false positives and close out tickets faster. The case management software can be configured with defined access roles, multi-layer reviews, escalations, approvals, and automatic actions. Create and customize new checklists and workflow steps that align to your triage processes and streamline fraud investigation tactics.



Audit trails for flagged fraud transactions

Use case management software to establish a systematic and repeatable process for tracking, evaluating and prioritizing flagged fraud payment transactions. Create an audit trail, minimize room for errors and work through triage checklists – with alert specifics linked directly to each task – for faster fraud investigation.


End-to-end real-time transaction profiling

Research rich details of any fraud transaction within the case management software and one speedy click. Information on which fraud risk factors are deemed suspicious and why, is made readily available. Human approval/decline decisions are fed into the machine learning models as they become available.

“We couldn’t have migrated to our new banking platform unless we could prove we were able to manage the operational and service disruption risks associated with new technology roll-outs. INETCO Insight gave us the quickest and most lightweight solution to real-time transaction monitoring. The INETCO tool has had a positive impact on our strategy. We are already expanding its capabilities into our other online channels.”