INETCO Professional Services – Product Implementation

INETCO Professional Services – Product Implementation

Supporting your INETCO Insight product implementation and deployment needs

Successfully navigate your INETCO software implementation and deployment needs

INETCO Professional Services is a world-class team made up of sales engineers, solutions architects, project delivery managers, machine learning specialists, data analysts and advisory consultants. Our team holds deep knowledge and experience in payment transaction protocols, real-time data acquisition and enterprise software implementations. We follow a proven methodology for the successful deployment of INETCO software. We are committed to ensuring INETCO Insight runs optimally within your unique environment.

INETCO implementation service options

Leveraging INETCO best practices, you will always have dedicated individuals assigned to your account, ensuring a consistent team that is familiar with your projects, requirements, and unique payments environment.

Initial Launch Implementation

Helping you set up INETCO Insight within a live production environment, and achieve the best enterprise-wide deployment possible. This involves an onsite or remote engagement, analyzing your IT operations environment and setting up standard INETCO Insight features such as real-time alerting, device statistics, transaction grouping, REST API and live dashboards.

Cloud Deployment Success

Offering a seamless, successful transition for customers moving to INETCO Cloud. Also helping new customers with their deployments. The migration will move existing INETCO Insight configurations and historical data in a timely fashion.

INETCO Professional Services Time Blocks

Purchasing a block of professional services time in advance, making it easier and faster to perform small configuration projects and systems monitoring health checks.

INETCO Centurian Consulting Program

Maintaining INETCO Insight in order to deliver maximum value to your organization. A set of customized consulting, enhanced customer care and business advisory services designed to free up your internal resources and protect you against the loss of internal INETCO expertise.

INETCO Insight deployment options


  • Ideal if your organization prefers to host on your own infrastructure
  • Store data on your local infrastructure
  • Your organization maintains operability
  • Hosted on-premise or in a private cloud


  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to manage servers, storage, and maintenance – we run it for you!
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Easily scale with your operations
  • Deployed, hosted, and updated by INETCO


  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to host or operate INETCO Insight
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Deployed, hosted, operated, and updated by your Financial Institution’s Partner