ATM Analytics - Dashboard Examples

Continuously analyze the profitability, placement and customer usage of every ATM

ATM channel usage — How do I make my ATM channel more profitable?

Gain a view into customer and non-customer transactions volumes for every ATM in your fleet. See a breakdown of revenues by interchange, surcharge and on-us credit. Analyze queue length patterns and see if they are impacting ATM profitability.

ATM executive view – How is my ATM business performing overall?

Gain a one-stop, updated view into the business performance of your ATM fleet. Compare monthly ATM channel costs, revenues and profits. See where your top and bottom performing ATMs are located. Understand ATM failures and overall transaction completion rates.

ATM placement – Where should I place (or decommission) my next ATM?

Examine locations to place new ATMs or move existing ATMs. See the locations of competitor ATMs on a map. Analyze transaction volume trends, demographic hot spots and queue patterns. Utilize this data to improve your ATM placement.

ATM failures – Why are customer transactions not completing as expected?

Identify when transaction failures at an ATM that are impacting revenue and end customer experience. Track interaction success rates, incident rates and the root cause of incomplete transactions for every ATM.

ATM transaction mix – What services matter to my customers?

Study customer transaction flows and time spent on interactions. Know when transaction duration is too long and identify ways to streamline the most common customer interactions. Monitor the impact of format changes or screen changes.

ATM cash utilization – How are my cash levels at each ATM?

See the utilization and replenishment events at each ATM. Monitor the performance of cash management strategies to both reduce dead money in the fleet, and avoid emergency cash replenishment events.

ATM customer locations – Where are customers interacting with ATMs?

Identify locations that present opportunities to provide better service to existing customers. Focus new customer acquisition efforts in high non-customer ATM usage areas.