Credit + Debit Card Analytics - Dashboard Examples

Make faster, smarter decisions around debit and credit card profitability and portfolio offerings with transaction data analytics

Card executive overview – How are my debit and credit cards contributing to revenue?

Enable transaction data analytics to analyze the engagement of the debit and credit users over the last week and compare to the 90-day average. Understand how each of the individual card types is being used, and the interchange fees associated with each transaction. See how many payment cards are being successfully activated within digital wallets. Understand if reward programs are consuming too large a portion of your business revenues.

Card usage – Which debit or credit cards are most often being used?

Analyze the performance of an individual or multiple card types and networks based on the volume. Gain a consolidated view of customer usage across all card rails. Forecast the expected transaction volumes and amounts of these channels and identify early trends that may be unexpected. Note the effects of waived or reduced card and account fees – all tracked with data analytics.


EMV fallbacks – Which merchants or banks have significant fallback transactions?

Review merchant EMV fallback transactions and high reversal patterns. Use debit and credit card analysis to investigate whether these are occurring due to an incorrectly configured chip reader terminal or a defective chip card. Avoid liability and shut down potential card fraud.

Card failures – When are there partial or complete card transaction failures?

Analyze transaction success rates, incident rates and locations of failed cashback, deposits, inquiries, purchases and refunds. Quickly respond to issues causing customer frustrations and distrust. Map out problem areas to investigate when reviewing what is discovered in transaction data analytics. Identify where it makes sense to increase limits on card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Card usage by merchant category – Which merchants are frequented most?

Credit and debit analytics allow you to identify the top merchants based on the number of transactions and the value of the transactions. Note shifts in spending habits, and align rewards programs based on where your customers are shopping and what they are buying.

Customer segmentation by card usage – Who are my most active card users?

Segment the most active customers based on transaction volumes, transaction types and card types. Use debit and credit card analysis to investigate suspicious fraudulent activity such as an abundant number of refunds, purchases or high volume transactions occurring.