Digital Banking Software + Customer Analytics - Dashboard Examples

Evaluate customer engagement, channel usage and card profitability within your mobile and online channels with digital banking analytics

Mobile and online trends – Are banking and consumer spending habits shifting?

Use data analytics to evaluate customer interactions within your digital banking channels. Digital banking and customer analytics allow you to analyze the performance of your online and mobile channels, based on customer interaction volumes, values and percent changes from week to week. Increase usage of mobile and online applications through better service alignment.

Digital payment forecasting – Do we need to accelerate our digital transformation?

Utilize predictive machine learning algorithms to forecast the expected value and volume of your online and mobile channels in the weeks or months to come.

Card, digital wallet and interchange fee analysis – How profitable are my mobile and online channels?

View the current and ongoing usage of individual card types and rails with digital banking analytics. Understand how each of the individual card types contribute to revenue. Be on the lookout for a rise in debit card usage for online purchases, digital wallet card activation, reward programs that are consuming too large a portion of your interchange.

Digital channel performance – Which error rates are impacting customer experience and revenues?

Understand lost revenue by transaction error type and forecast the revenue impact of outstanding performance issues or outages. Prioritize your time on issues having the biggest impact on profitability and the end customer experience, based on information found inside your digital banking analytics software.

Customer spending shifts – Where are customers shopping and where are they spending?

Identify shifts in online and mobile consumer spending using digital banking and customer analytics. Observe the variance between the number of transactions and the amount of money spent. Identify if average transaction values are decreasing. Compare various time periods to see how customer buying habits and card usage behaviors are changing. Utilize the digital banking trends and customer behavioral data found in analytics to create new programs that will increase engagement.

Customer segmentation – Who are my best customers?

Segment the most active customers based on transaction volumes, activity and card types. Use digital banking and customer analytics to break down customer transactions by customer segment and note usage patterns, such as an abundant number of refunds being performed.

Customer engagement – When, why and how is this customer choosing to interact?

Analyze the tasks a customer conducts at various times and dates – across all digital banking and payment channels. Customer analytics allows you to view this data to understand the lifetime value of a customer.