INETCO Insight® for Payment Fraud Detection and Prevention

INETCO Insight® for Payment Fraud Detection and Prevention

Accurately detect and block suspicious card-present & card-not-present payment fraud activity

Transaction Monitoring & Analytics for Payment Fraud Detection

INETCO Insight for fraud detection and prevention removes the data acquisition and security monitoring challenges that impact the speed of fraud detection and the accuracy of transaction scoring and blocking – across all payment channels within your business. With message-level visibility into every transaction link and all transition points along an end-to-end payment journey, it becomes easier for CISOs, cybersecurity and payment fraud detection and prevention teams to maintain the highest security standards, protect expanding attack surfaces, and add an enhanced layer of network-level defense and pattern recognition to their payment fraud and security strategies.

  • Real-time suspicious event monitoring, including card-present, card-not-present, account takeovers, BOT-related DDoS attacks, transaction reversal fraud and payment outlier detection
  • Real-time detection of “man-in-the-middle” malware, cash-out attacks, jackpotting, internal fraud attacks and increased security of the payments switch
  • Real-time transaction risk scoring, machine learning and the blocking of offending card fraud transactions at the firewall port or network level

How you benefit from INETCO Insight for payment fraud detection and prevention

Speed up payment fraud detection and prevention (>75% faster mean-time-to-detect)

Screen and respond to suspicious transactions and new types of payment fraud attacks in milliseconds – before major damage is done.

Increase transaction approvals while reducing customer friction and false positives

Increase risk scoring precision and perform more accurate separation between fraud and non-fraud transactions (>25% reduction in transaction failures).

Establish a higher level of trust and security in an efficient, cost effective way

Reduce risk of financial loss, avoid compliance issues and protect your business reputation by optimizing visibility into every end-to-end payment transaction journey

Payment Fraud Prevention for PT. ALTO Network

“Together, with world-class partners such as INETCO, we can actively work to prevent card present and card-not-present fraud attacks. We want to make customers feel safe when it comes to digital payment migration and help our member banks protect themselves against financial loss and a tarnished reputation – neither of which can be easily recovered.”


Key INETCO Insight features

Real-time, network-based transaction data collection

Independently acquire trustworthy transaction data in real-time – across every back-end and front-end payment link – straight off the wire. No heavy instrumentation, code changes or touching of the payment switch required. No contextual information (e.g. terminal ID, EMV data element, IP address) stripped at the terminal handler or switch level. Utilize this rich data to accurately assess the validity of every payment in milliseconds with our fraud detection and prevention system.

Real-time event monitoring and multi-protocol link correlation

Independently audit the end-to-end journey of every transaction in real-time, across each link and every transition point. Expand your fraud attack surface coverage across all links, third party transition points and payment channels. Immediately know when an end-to-end payment journey deviates from an expected path, a host or third party application is not responding as expected, or a front-end ISO transaction link is not married with a back-end database link.

Payment protocol decoding and transaction profiling

Extract and assemble all application payload messages, metadata, network communications information and response/request times for each payment. Automatically construct a full profile of every end-to-end payment journey in one view to speed up mean-time-to-detect and remediation efforts. Access a protocol library built specifically for payment environments, including decodes of: TCP/IP, UDP, ISO 8583, ISO20022, VISA 2, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, IBM WebSphere MQ, and AMQP.

Risk scoring and machine learning models

Nurture your supervised and unsupervised machine learning models with more data points. Continuously feed real-time machine learning models for more precise and accurate transaction risk scoring, predictive algorithms and faster pattern recognition. Rebuild individual customer models every time a payment event occurs, not as an end of day process, to truly offer fraud detection and prevention in real-time – and reduce false positives.

Rules-based alerts engine

Configure instant alerts for card-present and card-not-present transactions based on any message field contained within a payment. Look for abnormal transaction activity such as velocity metering. Add an independent layer of defense against payment fraud and switch system alerts that are overridden by malware.


Flag suspicious device fingerprint and IP geolocation changes that correspond with high payment purchase velocity, larger than normal purchases, and repeat customer ID usage by mobile or online applications. Utilize the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header field for identifying the originating IP address of a mobile device. Identify payment traffic by IP address to filter and block suspicious activity from specific self-service or mobile devices, applications or customer accounts. See information such as username, device, country where the transaction originated, number of transactions performed in the past 24 hours, the internet service provider, how many occurrences of the user being on the sanction list in the past 24 hours, and transaction velocity over the last 24 hours.

Case management workflows

Create an efficient process for tracking, evaluating and prioritizing flagged payment transactions. Logical workflow rules will help speed up triage and close cases faster – with alert specifics, risk scores and payment event details linked directly to each task.

Transaction blocking at the firewall port

Receive immediate notifications or set up automated action scripts to block fraudulent card transactions at the firewall port or network level. Immediately research flagged transactions and take action to reduce false negatives and positives. With the INETCO Insight Firewall Connect webhook, you are in control when it comes to fraud detection and management.

Data ingestion and device state monitoring

Ingest data sets that complement payments data – such as card black lists, negative country lists, payment switch logs and electronic journals from various ATM devices. Set up relevant real-time alerts based on combined data sets. Showcase the location and status of each terminal or device, flagging potential security issues such as transaction reversal fraud, card reader tamper or safe opening without supervision.

Fraud analytics and business intelligence data streaming options

Forward all or a subset of your real-time payment transaction data and event alerts to any analytics application or enterprise fraud system of choice. Utilize this rich transaction intelligence to continuously feed adaptive algorithms and predictive analytics models.

INETCO Insight deployment options


  • Ideal if your organization prefers to host on your own infrastructure
  • Store data on your local infrastructure
  • Your organization maintains operability
  • Hosted on-premise or in a private cloud for your business


  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to manage servers, storage, and maintenance – we run it for you!
  • No infrastructure investment for your business
  • Easily scale with your operations
  • Deployed, hosted, and updated by INETCO

Managed Services

  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to host or operate INETCO Insight
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Deployed, hosted, operated, and updated by your organization’s Partner