Open Banking APIs and Data Forwarding Options

Open Banking APIs and Data Forwarding Options

Establishing a real-time data pipe for extracting payment transaction data intelligence

What options does INETCO Insight support for open banking APIs and data forwarding?

Supporting a variety of open banking APIs, transaction data forwarding and business intelligence streaming options, INETCO Insight breaks down data silos and helps you make the most of your centralized business intelligence hub. Improve data integration and deliver timely data to the teams, applications and business processes that need it most. Options for payment transaction data sharing include:

Transaction data forwarding, data recovery and high availability

All transaction message details, network information and raw TCP packet data are uploaded and stored on a Postgres, Cloudera Hadoop data cluster or other centralized database – the moment data is captured. Data dictionary and schema information is provided to facilitate access by other third party applications. The most common option for customer, channel and card analytics.

Real-time transaction data feed

Selected real-time transaction data and network details are continuously streamed in JSON format to time sensitive applications such as fraud management, reconciliation or dynamic customer segmentation. No TCP raw data included.

Custom Open banking API connectors

Selected alerts, event triggers and interval statistics are sent from INETCO Insight to your channel management or case management systems of choice.

Secure batch data delivery

Required transaction message data is batched and securely delivered in a CSV format to systems that do not support streaming data feeds or big data access, such as cash management, ticketing or reporting systems.


Accessible within INETCO Insight, you can query up to 13 months’ worth of transaction data logs for analysis and reporting.

How INETCO Insight helps you access the payment transaction intelligence you need

Real-time transaction data pipe

Payment transaction data is continuously collected, decoded and correlated across ATM, POS, Card, Mobile, Online and Real-time Payments environments. No heavy instrumentation, code changes or extra traffic loads required. Data is accessible on-demand, and delivered in a structured, “ready to analyze” state.

Options to share transaction data with data lakes, teams and applications

When it comes to digital banking transformation, data is most valuable at the moment of creation. Stream or forward rich payment transaction data into channel management, robust payment fraud detection models, cash management and analytics applications of choice.

Centralized payment transaction intelligence hub

Promote cross-team collaboration and manage the end-to-end customer experience from a centralized data source. Reduce the operating costs associated with a fragmented data management approach.

Customized machine learning models, analytics and forecasting dashboards

Have the INETCO professional services team help you extract the data that matters to build out machine learning models and predictive algorithms. Create dynamic dashboards in analytics applications of choice, including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI or Jaspersoft, to analyze customer usage, card profitability and channel performance.


“The integrity and responsiveness of FIS’s end-to-end processing solutions are critical to success. With INETCO Insight, the EFT Network and Operations teams can monitor a customer’s entire end-to-end FIS solution, including network performance and the host processing applications’ performance, and isolate issues affecting any transaction in a matter of seconds.”