Debit, Prepaid and Credit Card Analysis

Card Usage – How is the performance of my cards?

Analyze the performance of individual or multiple card types and networks based on the volume. Get a forecast of the expected volume of these channels and identify early trends that may be unexpected. Ultimately, provide a consolidated view of the card usage of your clients.

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Top Merchants – Which merchants are frequented the most?

Identify the top merchants from customer spending based on the number of transactions as well as the value of the transactions. View the variance between the number of transactions and the amount of money spent. Assist managers in determining where your customers are shopping and where they are spending the most.

Customer Frustrations – What issues are causing our customers pain?

Observe the location and incident rate of failures, allowing for efficient identification and resolution of the issues. This will allow for quick response to customer frustrations caused by failures. Graphically present problem areas and investigate the impacted cards or card types. Additionally, quickly identify transaction success rates.

Customer Locations – Where are our customers using their cards?

Identify your customer transaction behavior and locations with visibility into the types of cards that they are using. Better understand how your customers are using their cards so that you can identify new products that could be relevant to your customer base.

Customer Transactions – How can you service your customers better?

Analyze the transaction behavior of your most active customers to identify services and mechanisms to service them better. Visualize their behavior based on card types used and activity amounts.

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