POS Channel Analysis

How busy are my POS terminals?

Outline the merchants or merchant categories in your territory and continuously monitor their POS transaction volumes and revenues. Know sales values for each individual terminal, and forecast the average number of transactions that will take place during peak hours of business to determine where you may need to deploy extra terminals. See a breakdown of card types and transaction types (cashbacks, purchases and refunds) for each selected POS terminal.

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Why are card transactions at the POS failing or falling back to magstripe?

Quickly identify and analyze the POS terminals where the highest failures or magstripe fallback transactions are occurring. View failures by time period, card types and transaction types to quickly uncover common origins and patterns of interest. Prioritize and correct faulty terminals having the greatest impact on the customer experience.

How much revenue have I lost due to incomplete transactions or availability issues?

View lost revenue by transaction error type for selected POS terminals and period. Quickly determine the root cause of revenue loss, such as user errors, connection time-outs, host authorization issues, card errors, or network outages. Understand lost revenue over time, and determine if there were days with higher error rates that require deeper investigation.

How do my various customer segments choose to interact?

View transaction activity and card types used for each of your customers to refine segmentation and better align value-added service offerings. See a view of your top customers, or customers for a selected region, and a breakdown of their cashback, purchase and refunds.

Which merchants are frequented the most?

Look at top merchants and retail categories based on transaction values and volumes. Know where customers are shopping and how much they are spending for more targeted programs and marketing segmentation.

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