INETCO Insight® - Real-time transaction monitoring, payment data acquisition and adaptive machine learning for banking, retail and payment processing environments

What is INETCO Insight?

INETCO Insight® is an independent transaction monitoring software and data acquisition platform that provides a real-time, end-to-end view into the performance of all payment transactions happening within your omni-channel bankingself-service networks, and payment processing environments.

With adaptive machine learning capabilities and unrestricted access to real-time payment transaction data, financial institutions, retailers, card service providers and acquiring processors can now reduce financial loss and customer friction with precise, real-time transaction risk scoring and independent monitoring of the entire payment transaction journey – across ATM, POS, Mobile and Online channels.

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Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Lower support costs, consolidate tools & recover faster from application slowdowns & failures
  • Speed up troubleshooting & research (65-75% faster MTTR)
  • Improve availability & reduce transaction failures by 26%

Deliver an Amazing Customer Experience

  • Deliver a consistent end-to-end customer experience – across all channels
  • Analyze customer data in a timely, cost-effective way
  • Improve channel profitability through faster, smarter decision making & responsiveness

Mitigate Fraud Risk and Unnecessary Customer Friction

  • Identify front-end fraud attacks, suspicious card activity & payment anomalies in seconds
  • Reduce unnecessary customer friction by reducing false positives & negatives
  • Add an independent, multi-point monitoring system for man-in-the-middle attacks & increased switch security

Hosting Options

Self Hosted

  • Ideal if your organization prefers to host on your own infrastructure
  • Store data on your local infrastructure
  • Your organization maintains operability
  • Hosted on-premise or in a private cloud

Cloud Hosted

  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to manage servers, storage, and maintenance – we run it for you!
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Easily scale with your operations
  • Deployed, hosted, and updated by INETCO

Managed Services

  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to host or operate INETCO Insight
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Deployed, hosted, operated, and updated by your Financial Institution’s Partner

INETCO Insight Key Features

Detailed transaction intelligence

Create customized customer usage statistics using data such as dollar amounts, card types, response codes, terminal ID’s and transaction types

Continuous transaction monitoring and real-time alerts

Reduce transaction slowdowns and failures caused by unresponsive applications and lost network or host communications

Option of passive, network-based instrumentation or host-based information collectors

Deploy transaction monitoring and data streaming without intrusive agents, transaction tagging, extra traffic loads or changes to the payments switch

Automated transaction profiling

View transaction data in a way that makes it easy to isolate channel management issues related to device, data link, third party connection and underperforming applications in seconds

Universal decoding engine

Decode all transaction protocols and message types found in ATM, POS, Mobile and Online Digital Banking, Branch and Messaging Middleware environments (includes TCP/IP, UDP, ISO 8583, VISA 2, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, IBM WebSphere MQ, and AMQP)

Configurable real-time transaction risk scoring model

Improve precision of real-time risk scoring by combining real-time transaction intelligence with rules based alerting and adaptive machine learning capabilities. Examine transactions in real-time, rebuild individual customer models on the fly, and extract behavioral patterns from past card transactions that signal potential fraud

Transaction logs with search, query and filter capabilities

Perform ad hoc research queries and quickly navigate through transaction log data for faster troubleshooting, reporting and incident management

Real-time data streaming and forwarding capabilities

Make transaction data a part of your enterprise-wide data strategy utilizing a variety of data access options. Stream real-time transaction data or forward alerts and statistics to the channel management, analytics, fraud management, IT performance and cash management systems of choice. This includes NCR Vision and Fiserv Device Manager.

Multi-hop transaction correlation and topology mapping

Practice more proactive alerting by correlating end-to-end response time information, application messages, and network communications data for each consumer interaction or business transaction

Configurable mobile and web-based dashboard displays

Customize “one stop” omni-channel management views for channel managers, IT operations and applications support teams

Device state monitoring

Showcase the location and status of each terminal or device, flagging potential security issues such as card reader tamper or safe opening without supervision

IP Address/Firewall blocking

Receive immediate notification or set up automated action scripts to block offending card transactions at the IP Address or firewall level. Immediately research flagged individual profiles and take action to reduce false negatives and positives

How does INETCO Insight work?

INETCO Insight is designed to be the easiest, most non-invasive way for you to gain timely access to actionable transaction data. Quickly isolate the heart of transaction issues that reduce revenues, strain operational resources, and frustrate customers. It is the only real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming software platform that is:

  • Transaction switch independent
  • Vendor agnostic
  • Easily adaptable to all custom, packaged and industry-specific applications
  • Scalable across all core banking and self-service banking channels with zero overhead
  • Currently deployed in physical, hosted, virtual and Cloud-based production environments
  • PCI compliant


Read the INETCO Insight Product Sheet

Download the INETCO Insight Technical Overview

Option of passive, network-based instrumentation or host-based information collectors

Using passive, network-based instrumentation, INETCO Insight captures TCP/IP data off your network. This means that the collection, correlation and streaming of transactional data does not require the deployment of agents, transaction tagging, extra traffic loads or any changes to the transaction switch.

Mirrored network traffic information is usually captured from a router’s SPAN port, a TAP port on a managed Ethernet switch, packet capture equipment (such as packet brokers or vSwitches), or application servers. Upon collection, network traffic is time stamped, filtered and encrypted to ensure that sensitive information is always protected. If a port is unavailable and you need to deploy a light weight collector, this option is also available.

Real-time correlation engine and event processor

INETCO Insight has a real-time correlation engine that links together multi-protocol transactions captured across the various application hops found on an end-to-end transaction path. Further statistical processing produces a complete profile for every transaction. Real-time alerting, transaction data streaming and statistics are triggered based on event information gathered from these individual transaction profiles.

For every transaction profile, INETCO Insight provides metadata, application message (or application payload) intelligence, network performance data, and detailed transaction response and completion times all in one view. This includes decoded fields such as the type of transaction, dollar amounts, the transaction status, response code error information, user and geographic location.

Machine learning capabilities for real-time fraud detection and prevention

INETCO Insight independently captures rich contextual information related to each payment transaction and continuously feeds it into a real-time rules engine and adaptive machine learning model. INETCO Insight then examines transactions in real-time, rebuilds individual customer models on the fly, and extracts behavioral patterns from past card transactions that signal potential fraud.

The real-time transaction risk scoring model in INETCO Insight is highly configurable and takes into consideration pre-defined transaction elements and anomalous behavior patterns such as card usage velocity, transaction amount thresholds and geolocation data. The result is improved precision of real-time risk scoring for financial institutions – when a consumer swipes their card, the transaction is tested against the customer model and, if the features match the fraud behavior profile, a real-time alert is triggered or an automated action can be taken that instructs the firewall to block the offending transaction(s).

Real-time data streaming and forwarding capabilities

Transaction intelligence from INETCO Insight is output in five ways:

  • As an open data access source, where transaction message details are stored on a Hadoop data cluster, available to allow other applications or development teams accessibility for any purpose such as data analytics
  • As a real-time transaction data feed that is configured to continuously forward as much or as little data as your application requires, such as fraud monitoring, risk scoring or dynamic customer segmentation
  • As custom API connectors that send real-time transaction event alerts and interval statistics to your ATM or channel management system
  • As securely batched data delivery for applications that require CSV data output files, such as cash management, ticketing or reporting systems
  • As real-time transaction logs, alerts and event triggers that can be emailed or displayed on the web-based INETCO Insight user interface for operational performance monitoring

Read the INETCO Insight Data Access Options Product Sheet