Knowing when customer interactions fail

Failed Customer Interactions - Unhappy Customer

Your customizable event dashboard display shows enterprise network topology, transaction volumes and status of real-time transaction alerts. You receive a failed transaction status error alert, and are warned that 2 “Fail Rate High” events have occurred.

Clicking on the “Fail Rate High” alert, you see that two events were triggered based on one of your customized business rules (more than 2% of transactions failed for an extended period of time). Viewing the customer interactions that triggered these events, you find out that the failures are all due to a bad response.

Drilling one step further into an individual transaction profile, you quickly isolate the root cause of the transaction failure “bad response” to be a lack of response from the authorization host (response code 12). You have now identified who owns the problem and can work quickly as a team to get the issue resolved before any more failed customer interactions occur.

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