INETCO NetStream™ - A real-time transaction data feed for enterprise management and data analysis platforms

What is INETCO NetStream?

INETCO NetStream is an integration solution designed for developers that would like to forward a real-time transaction data feed into an enterprise management console, application or data analysis platform of choice.  INETCO NetStream is used to enhance:

HOLISTIC OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE  Stream network-level transaction data that enriches your enterprise management and data analytics with user interactions, unusual usage patterns, application performance and business outcomes – no agents, scripting or custom log file development required

FASTER PROBLEM REMEDIATION  Understand in real-time how transaction activity relates to your underlying IT infrastructure performance and capture anomalous transactions for compliance and security investigations

COST-EFFECTIVE EXTRACTION OF REAL-TIME TRANSACTION EVENT DATA  Deploy an easier transaction analysis and data mining alternative to the costly, time-consuming tasks of customizing log configurations, accessing proprietary data stores and running complicated analysis on raw source data

By ingesting real-time transaction data forwarded by INETCO NetStream, you can truly experience enterprise-wide performance awareness. Understand how server, application and network performance is affecting transaction completions from second-to-second. Perform deeper application performance management, IT operations analytics and security analysis with unbarred access to critical data such as full application message payloads, transaction request and response timings and network address data.

Deliver an amazing customer experience

  • Analyze individual user interactions and usage patterns
  • Improve uptime and availability
  • Perform targeted marketing campaigns and services

Improve operational efficiency

  • Achieve one-stop performance visibility into transaction activity and the underlying IT infrastructure (applications, networks and servers)
  • Access critical transaction event data on demand
  • Improve accuracy and speed of problem isolation

Reduce compliance and security risk

  • Spot abnormal transaction usage patterns and anomalies
  • Identify SQL injection attacks, denial of service attacks, zero day exploits, etc.
  • Receive instant alerts to possible intruders

INETCO NetStream features

An example of real-time transaction data being forwarded into a data analysis platform.

High quality transaction data

INETCO NetStream creates a rich transaction record consisting of application data (e.g. transaction amount), network data (e.g. IP addresses) and key performance metrics (e.g. delays, response times). It automatically pairs user requests with their resulting responses and enriches each record with metadata (e.g. status). INETCO NetStream’s complete transaction record facilitates easy correlation of transaction events with other information sources in machine data analysis platforms, including server logs, web logs and ODBC database connections.

Automatic field extraction

INETCO NetStream automatically pulls key application and network data fields from common protocols to remove the need for manual field extractions in machine data analysis platforms. These fields include application payload information (e.g. customer IDs, dollar amounts, transaction types, etc.), correlated application response times, network request and network response links for each transaction event. This makes it easy for any user to take advantage of the “raw” data coming in from INETCO NetStream, and reduces administrative overhead.


Transaction level filtering

INETCO NetStream allows you to intelligently filter the stream of transaction events based on field values, performance metrics, IP addresses, etc before ingestion, and presents it in a fashion that makes it easy to analyze the entire “back and forth” path of every transaction.

Transaction event enrichment

INETCO NetStream includes capabilities for enriching transaction events before they are forwarded. This allows you to rename fields, break apart large fields into smaller components, add additional fields or eliminate certain sections of a message entirely.

How does INETCO NetStream work?

INETCO NetStream is available as an integration or OEM kit for developers.  It works by collecting network data, transforming it into transaction events, and streaming it into enterprise management console, applications or data analysis platforms, all in real-time.  INETCO NetStream will:

  • Consume packets (either directly from a host machine or remotely from SPAN ports)
  • Reconstruct individual transaction events, and
  • Stream them to machine data analytics platforms in real-time, so that operations intelligence can be easily indexed, searched and analyzed

INETCO NetStream automatically decodes application request and response payloads, pulling out key application and network data fields to ensure the enterprise management console, third party application or data analysis platform can ingest and index the data quickly and efficiently, presenting it to users in a structured view as opposed to a raw log format.

Flexible, software-based data collection

Lightweight software data collectors can be deployed directly on your application servers. These data collectors will encrypt captured network data and send it back to a central server. The server can also listen to network data and operations intelligence from multiple SPANs, TAPs or packet flow switches.