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Nedbank – Managing transaction performance in a complex multi-switch banking environment

Nedbank is one of South Africa’s largest banks, growing by over 2 million new individual and small business clients over the last two years.

“Nedbank is experiencing a period of explosive growth and is investing in modernizing our banking architectures and processing systems. As our banking IT infrastructure grows, so does the complexity of monitoring transactions. INETCO Insight is envisioned to be our not-so-secret weapon when it comes to real-time transaction slowdown troubleshooting, improving problem isolation times by up to 75% – which helps us manage costs, and, more importantly, maintain the high level of service that our customers have come to expect.” JASON DE SWARDT, HEAD OF NEW PAYMENT SERVICES HUB AT NEDBANK


With every new customer has come a significant increase in banking transaction volumes. This has translated into an increasingly complex banking environment built out to handle the load of billions of individual transactions without lag or downtime.

Each transaction must pass through multiple IT “hops” before it can be completed – moving from a consumer facing ATM or POS terminal, through a complex transaction processing environment consisting of multiple “active/active” Postilion servers, out to multiple backend databases and third party services, and then back again. As managing these banking environments becomes more challenging, so does guaranteeing the completion of critical consumer transactions.

To make sure that transaction slowdowns or failures were found before they affected ATM end-customers or merchants using Nedbank POS services, the bank needed to invest in a solution that could provide real-time alerting and visibility into the complex, multi-hop path of every transaction.


Nedbank chose INETCO Insight real-time monitoring and transaction analytics software to tackle transaction complexity and quickly get to the heart of any transaction issues affecting the end customer experience.  INETCO Insight is the only transaction monitoring solution that monitors every hop of every transaction, allowing Nedbank to trace a transaction from end to end. Easy access to this rich transaction intelligence helps Nedbank quickly isolate problems and resolve customer queries faster.


INETCO Insight has helped Nedbank keep their growing number of ATM and point-of-sale (POS) customers happy by ensuring that service delivery levels are kept high while monitoring and troubleshooting costs are kept low. The bank has also been able to:

  • Gain real-time visibility into the end customer experience
  • Isolate transactions issues 65-75% faster within their complex Postilion “active/active” banking architecture
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce resource hours spent troubleshooting problems
  • Analyze all transactions across ATM and POS retail banking channels
  • Reduce service disruption risk and maintain high customer experience levels