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Sinergia – Expanding service offerings with NCR and INETCO

A result of a recent merger between Cesecoop, Soar, UPF and Iside Spa, Sinergia was created in 2012 to provide rural banks with a central, standardized IT infrastructure that makes it easy to achieve operational excellence and optimal cost effectiveness. Today, Sinergia delivers banking services for over 168 rural banks and 2000 ATMs that run on the Banche di Credito Cooperativo network in Italy.

“The INETCO Insight end-to-end transaction monitoring capabilities, bundled with NCR’s APTRA Vision product, represent a powerful, cost effective solution that is far superior to any performance monitoring solution on the market today.” Marco Monti, Banking Services Vice President at Sinergia


Sinergia recognized that proactive management of their complex ATM network was the key to future business growth. In an IT environment that consisted of multiple vendor hardware and software applications, the ability to quickly access ATM device analytics and real-time transaction intelligence without having to rely on customer or individual ATM vendor co-operation was challenging.

Finding the most self-reliant and efficient way to access ATM analytics and transaction data became Sinergia’s top priority.


The INETCO Insight® real-time transaction monitoring and analytics capabilities, bundled with NCR’s APTRA™ Vision ATM management product, presented Sinergia with the multi-vendor, enterprise-wide awareness solution they needed.

APTRA Vision provides the ATM monitoring capabilities Sinergia needs to proactively manage the inventory, uptime and availability of a growing multi-vendor ATM fleet. INETCO Insight compliments APTRA Vision by providing real-time alerting and end-to-end visibility into consumer transactions once they are initiated at an ATM or any other customer-facing touch point such as a mobile application, kiosk or online banking application.


INETCO Insight and NCR APTRA Vision have helped Sinergia:

  • Scale service offerings to a larger base of banks without risk
  • Eliminate reliance on customers and individual ATM vendors for transaction intelligence and application performance information
  • Obtain one-stop performance visibility into multiple service applications and a multi-vendor ATM fleet
  • Guarantee ATM availability and undisrupted customer service delivery for a better customer experience
  • Quickly identify fraudulent behavior anomalies such as cash trapping