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TNS (Calypso Canada) – Optimizing transaction costs and guaranteeing ATM service reliability

Calypso Canada™, now part of the Transaction Network Services (TNS) group of companies, delivers high performance, cost efficient ATM network management and transaction processing solutions in Canada, the UK, Australia and Europe. Servicing over 8500 terminals and 6 million transactions per month, these solutions incorporate end-to-end services for many terminal types and communication protocols, including traditional leased-line ATMs and dial-up off premise ATMs.

“With INETCO Insight, Calypso has been able to optimize our transaction processing environment and cut our fixed overhead costs by about 1.5% by increasing productivity through streamlined troubleshooting and mean time to repair processes, improved management of third party service providers, and implementation of cost savings policies resulting from in-depth transaction analysis.” LARRY DOUCET, IT MANAGER FOR CALPYSO CANADA (NOW A FISERV COMPANY)


TNS processes thousands of financial transactions for their customers each day. Their core business is built on guaranteeing the continuous reliability of ATM applications in a cost effective manner. Keeping per transaction costs competitive has become increasingly difficult as TNS expands its global business offerings to include more payment services and compliancy solutions. Increasing fraudulent activity, rising operational support costs and expensive platform and process redundancies have also cut into profitability margins as well.


TNS required a real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solution that would help them manage per transaction costs and guarantee the reliability of their ATM services. INETCO Insight met these requirements by offering actionable transaction analytics and real-time detection of when services, cards or devices exceed historical baseline norms, reducing the risk of downtime and fraudulent transaction activity.

INETCO Insight captures and correlates network, application and transaction-level messages and timings into one, consolidated view. This helps the TNS tier 1 support team, ATM certification team, and network engineers pinpoint the exact cause and location of ATM and network-related issues on average 50-65% faster, decreasing the support and operational costs associated with troubleshooting and ticket routing processes.

INETCO Insight has also enabled TNS to optimize their transaction processing environment by:

  • Setting cost saving policies such as “ATMs that are receiving less than 500 transactions will not receive heartbeat tests more than 2X per day”
  • Verifying the need for infrastructure upgrades by analyzing transaction response times and failure rates by network, terminal type, applications or third party service provider
  • Quickly detecting Service Level Agreement violations, such as excessive dial-up line noise or T1 failures
  • Verifying that ATM setup information is correct
  • Identifying modem issues on ATMs in real-time


INETCO Insight helps the IT operations and line of business teams of independent ATM deployer TNS to:

  • Experience a 1.5% reduction in fixed cost per ATM transaction
  • Realize 100% ROI in less than 8 months
  • Reduce average mean time to repair and mean time to resolution of third party service issues by 50-65%
  • Optimize transaction routing and receive real-time alerts when transaction types, card types, or ATM traffic exceeds historical baseline norms
  • Systematically reduce rate of call management transactions and the number of unprofitable transactions that are being processed