INETCO Solutions for Payment Processors

INETCO Solutions for Payment Processors

Helping payment processors deliver exceptional service while reducing operation and support costs

INETCO solutions provide monitoring for payment processors to reduce the blamestorms and support costs that eat into revenue margins.

Payment processors grow their business by making sure customers can issue, process and accept payment transactions without risk of service failure or fraud. They require solutions that help combat the increasing margin squeeze on surcharges and interchange fees, exceed service level agreements (SLAs) and increase payment security across increasingly complex ATM, POS and digital payment rails.

By combining end-to-end transaction visibility, rules-based alerting and full message protocol decoding, INETCO Insight is uniquely positioned to reduce the blamestorms and support costs that eat into revenue. Payment processors can remediate performance issues before they impact transaction completion, and detect transaction-level fraud and payment switch malware attacks in real-time.

What our customers are saying

"The integrity and responsiveness of FIS’s end-to-end processing solutions are critical to success. With INETCO Insight, the EFT Network and Operations teams can monitor a customer’s entire end-to-end FIS solution, including network performance and the host processing applications’ performance, and isolate issues affecting any transaction in a matter of seconds."

Neil Cook – Director of EFT Technology, FIS

How payment processors apply their real-time data advantage using payment monitoring systems

reduce operations support costs that eat into revenue

Strengthen and centralize real-time insights across all payment rails and switches, resolve performance issues ~85% faster and increase transaction completion rates – all from one consolidated platform.


Use payment monitoring to independently audit card-present/card-not-present transactions and payments switch activity for each customer to proactively identify and resolve performance issues before they affect consumer experience.


Detect and block transaction-level fraud and payment switch malware attacks in milliseconds to reduce payment risk, protect reputation and increase transaction completion rates.

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