INETCO Insight Overview - Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software for Fast Changing Production Environments

Improve your IT performance monitoring strategy.  Achieve 65 - 75% faster problem isolation and reduce your number of failed transactions by up to 25%. Quickly restore application service levels and business delivery channels.

INETCO Insight® is the only application monitoring software for IT operations teams that captures every network transaction in real-time, correlates all application, infrastructure and response time data, and isolates underperforming application and network components...

Tired of dealing with underperforming applications?  What about manually piecing together fragmented data collected across server, network monitors, logs, or application-specific monitoring tools?

Put an end to tedious and time-intensive manual troubleshooting efforts that slow down problem resolution and have a negative impact on operational efficiency and the end customer experience. Take back control with INETCO Insight.  

Application Performance Management for IT Ops

INETCO Insight automatically captures your network traffic, decodes and correlates all the information at the business, application and transaction layers to give you:

INETCO Insight is already the preferred solution to manage multi-channel banking applications (ATM, mobile, online banking, POS, self-service kiosks, telephone banking and branch PC's), a wide range of value added services (VAS), high volume payment processing and telco environments.

This powerful application performance management technology has now been broadened into a platform for monitoring ANY application architecture from one, collaborative location.  Troubleshoot communication failures between modern service applications, third party connections and core banking systems. Monitor any custom, packaged and industry-specific applications within physical, hosted, virtual or Cloud-based production environments, including:

INETCO Insight is more cost effective and easy to deploy than any transaction-centric application performance management solution available today. 

You do not have to deploy a number of point solutions addressing individual IT domains, or correlate performance data collected from different sources. The software’s unique data collection message decoding and transaction correlation technology enables real-time monitoring of complicated and diverse transaction flows from a handful of non-disruptive network access points.

Ready to seamlessly monitor and analyze consumer transactions originating from multiple channels and services (e.g. ATM, POS, mobile, online banking, IVR, teller branches, etc)?  How about leveraging your IT performance monitoring investment across multiple service delivery channel silos?   

Book a meeting with our team to learn how to make INETCO Insight part of your proactive IT performance monitoring strategy.  

"Our research shows that a transaction-centric approach to application performance management reduces mean-time-to-repair for incidents in multi-tier applications by over 70%.  However, the management overhead of agent-based transaction monitoring solutions can be a challenge in many application environments - only 39% of organizations adopt a transaction-centric approach to APM. INETCO Insight's ability to provide rich transaction analytics without agents, code changes, or network appliances eases these deployment challenges for organizations."

Bojan Simic, President & Principal Analyst
TRAC Research