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What's the ROI?
Key whitepaper takeaways:

  • Creating a business impact model for enhanced ATM management
  • Examples of positive ROI from ATM transaction monitoring & analytics
  • How to improve ATM profitability AND customer experience
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INETCO® Systems Limited provides transaction-based application performance monitoring solutions and IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) to operations teams looking for a faster, non-invasive way to identify application and infrastructure bottlenecks and ensure optimal performance within their production environments.  INETCO solutions are currently deployed in over 50 different countries.  Happy INETCO Insight® partners and customers include a variety of global companies spanning the banking, ATM, retail, healthcare, travel, telecommunications and third party payment processing markets.

About INETCO Insight - providing application performance data for ITOA platforms

INETCO Insight® is a new kind of application performance monitoring software used by hundreds of applications support teams, ATM and IT operations teams to correlate end-to-end performance data, holistically monitor both critical applications and the network infrastructure, and gain better visibility into the end-user experience.  INETCO Insight captures every transaction in real-time, organizes all the application, infrastructure and response timing data, and makes it easier to isolate underperforming application and network components quickly – without the use of agents or code changes.

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