INETCO Insight<sup>®</sup> for payment transaction monitoring

INETCO Insight® for payment transaction monitoring

Isolate payment performance issues that are impacting revenue and reputation up to 80% faster.

Benefits of real-time payment transaction monitoring with INETCO Insight

Built specifically for banking and payment environments, INETCO Insight provides an independent view into the performance of every payment — across the payment journey.

Reduce the risk of revenue and service disruption

Increase transaction completion rates and stability across the entire payment chain. Meet payment transaction monitoring compliance regulations and reduce payment transaction failures by >25%.

Increase operational efficiency

Optimize real-time data acquisition and speed up troubleshooting to proactively detect, research, and isolate the cause of transaction failures, slowdowns and unexpected declines up to 80% faster.

Reduce support costs and optimize data acquisition

Avoid resource-intensive blame storms, consolidate performance tools and improve cross-team collaboration by managing the service and fraud aspects of every payment from one transaction monitoring platform.

For payment transaction monitoring

A single platform that presents a consolidated view into network, switch, third party application and device issues affecting the completion of customer transactions. Isolate and remediate the root cause of connectivity issues, bottlenecks, failures and unexpected deadlines up to 80% faster.

Key INETCO Insight transaction monitoring features

Inetco Insight Fraud Transaction Data Acquisition Screen
Real-time, network-based transaction data capture

Real-time, network-based transaction data capture

Passively capture in-flight transactions across all payment channels, straight off the wire. No heavy instrumentation, no contextual information stripped at the terminal handler or payment switch level.

Multi-link correlation and topology mapping

Multi-link correlation and topology mapping

Independently audit the end-to-end journey of every transaction in real-time, across multiple network links, switches and applications with the INETCO Insight transaction monitoring system.

Configurable dashboard displays

Configurable dashboard displays

Access and customize user friendly dashboards, alerts, transaction profiles, logs, trends and statistics via the INETCO Insight HTML 5 web user interface.

Real-time alert engine

Real-time alert engine

Perform real-time transaction monitoring and configure real-time alerts, thresholds and statistics related to network, application and device issues affecting the completion of transactions.

What our customers are saying

“INETCO Insight transaction monitoring software empowers us to know, within seconds, when something is going wrong with one of our customers. EVERTEC Costa Rica has now proven its ability to exceed customer service level expectations by moving from a reactive to a proactive service model.”



Years in the financial industry
Transactions processed monthly
Protecting customers in 35 countries
Mean-time-to-detect fraud is reduced by >75%
Leading payment processors among our clients
Clients isolate payment performance issues up to 80% faster