INETCO Insight® for Payment Transaction Monitoring

INETCO Insight® for Payment Transaction Monitoring

Proactively isolate payment performance issues that are impacting revenue and reputation - 80% faster

INETCO Insight Real-Time Transaction Monitoring Software: ATM, POS, Digital & Real-Time Payments Channels

Built specifically for banking and payment environments, the INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring software provides an independent view into the performance of every payment – across all the network, application and third party transition points that make up an end-to-end journey. By optimizing the acquisition, decoding and profiling of payment transactions, CIOs, IT operations, channel systems and card operations teams can focus their efforts on digital transformation, while guaranteeing the stability of every customer interaction – more efficiently and at a lower cost.

  • Continuous real-time transaction monitoring and logging of every end-to-end payment to manage increasing channel complexities, third party services and a higher velocity of digital payments data
  • A one-stop, consolidated view into network, switch, third party application and device issues affecting the completion of customer transactions
  • Automated profiling of each payment to research, isolate and remediate the root cause of connectivity issues, bottlenecks, failures and unexpected declines ~85% faster with the INETCO Insight transaction monitoring software

How you benefit with INETCO Insight transaction monitoring software

Reduce the risk of revenue, compliance and service disruption

Increase transaction completion rates and improve stability across the entire delivery chain of payments. Meet payment transaction monitoring compliance regulations and reduce payment transaction failures by >25%.

Increase operational efficiency and speed up remediation

Optimize real-time data acquisition, perform end-to-end transaction monitoring and speed up troubleshooting to proactively detect, research and isolate the cause of transaction failures, slowdowns and unexpected declines ~80% faster.

Reduce support costs and optimize data acquisition

Avoid resource-intensive blame storms, consolidate performance tools and improve cross-team collaboration by managing the service and fraud aspects of every payment – from one transaction monitoring platform.

“INETCO Insight transaction monitoring software empowers us to know, within seconds, when something is going wrong with one of our customers. EVERTEC Costa Rica has now proven its ability to exceed customer service level expectations by moving from a reactive to a proactive service model.”


Key INETCO Insight transaction monitoring features

Real-time, network-based transaction data capture

Passively capture “in-flight” transactions across all payment channels, straight off the wire. No heavy instrumentation, code changes or touching of the payment switch required. No contextual information (e.g. terminal ID, EMV data element, IP address) stripped at the terminal handler or payment switch level.

Transaction monitoring, multi-link correlation and topology mapping

Independently audit the end-to-end journey of every transaction in real-time, across multiple network links, switches and applications with the INETCO Insight transaction monitoring system. Immediately know where and why a transaction is slowing down or failing, when a host or third party application is not responding, and what devices are not transacting as expected.

Payment protocol decoding library and transaction profiling

Automatically decode and profile each end-to-end transaction to see all application payload messages, metadata, network communications information, and response/request times – across correlated transaction links – in one view. Use transaction monitoring to isolate performance issues related to device, data link, failed third party connections, lost network communications or under performing applications in seconds. Protocols decodes include: TCP/IP, UDP, ISO 8583, ISO20022, VISA 2, FIX, NCR/NDC+, Diebold, Triton, XML, SOAP, HTTP, SQL, IBM WebSphere MQ, and AMQP.

Configurable mobile and web-based dashboard displays

Access and customize user friendly dashboards, alerts, transaction profiles, logs, trends and statistics via the INETCO Insight HTML 5 web user interface. Manage the end-to-end performance of payments and perform transaction monitoring in real-time.

Transaction logs with search, query and filter capabilities

Independently log all financial transactions without adding latency or impacting switch performance. Capture mandatory audit and security compliance fields such as message types, card types, card numbers, dollar amounts, transaction dates and times, response codes, terminal ID’s and ISO 8583 messages. Perform ad hoc research queries and quickly navigate through transaction log data for faster troubleshooting, reporting and incident management.

Real-time alerts engine and device interval statistics

Perform real-time transaction monitoring and configure real-time alerts, thresholds and statistics related to network, application and device issues affecting the completion of payment transactions. 

Device state monitoring

In addition to transaction monitoring, ingest electronic journal logs from ATMs and showcase the location and status of each terminal or device, flagging potential security issues such as card reader tamper or safe opening without supervision.

Independent payment switch performance monitoring

Combine real-time transaction monitoring, internal operating system metrics, application process statistics and application process log file data with the state of your payments. Immediately spot issues such as unexpected bursts of traffic, database disconnects, high memory consumption or CPU issues – before they impact service level delivery and profitability.

Real-time data forwarding, streaming, custom API and REST API options

Stream or forward all or a subset of your payment transaction monitoring data to any team, data lake or application that needs it. Real-time alerts, risk scores and transaction monitoring statistics can also be forwarded to channel management or ticketing platforms of choice, such as NCR Vision. Also utilize this rich transaction intelligence to feed adaptive machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics models that may be proprietary to your organization.

INETCO Insight deployment options


  • Ideal if your organization prefers to host on your own infrastructure
  • Store transaction monitoring data on your local infrastructure
  • Your organization maintains operability
  • Hosted on-premise or in a private cloud


  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to manage servers, storage, and maintenance – we run it for you!
  • No infrastructure investment for your transaction monitoring
  • Easily scale with your operations
  • Deployed, hosted, and updated by INETCO

Managed Services

  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to host or operate INETCO Insight
  • No infrastructure investment for your transaction monitoring
  • Deployed, hosted, operated, and updated by your Financial Institution’s Partner