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Because not all insights are created equal...

Why top global brands choose INETCO

The INETCO Insight real-time transaction monitoring and analytics software platform has been deployed by banks, credit unions, payment processors, ATM deployers, card service providers and retailers – in over 35 countries – to guarantee the stability, security and value of every payment transaction.

We provide the only technology solution in the banking and payments industry that can conduct a true, real-time audit into every link along an end-to-end payment transaction journey – delivering a whole new depth of actionable payment data and real-time understanding that is a “must have” when it comes to championing payment fraud detection, end-to-end performance management and the dynamic analysis of card programs, customer behaviors and channel usage.

Every transaction tells a story®

Event monitoring, machine learning and analytics will only be as reliable and fast as your data.

This is why INETCO is obsessed with making sure you never miss the right details. We challenge traditional monitoring approaches because they need to change. Our goal is to help you think faster and go deeper into performance and fraud issues that impact revenue and customer experience. We do this through a simplified technology approach that offers exactly what you need to accelerate digital transformation:

  • Better speed
  • Better data
  • Better visualization and business logic 

How INETCO helps you win

  • Establish a higher level of customer engagement, trust and safety
  • Maximize card portfolio profitability, payment revenues and transaction completion rates (reduce failures by >25%)
  • Reduce false positives and improve the accuracy of risk scoring and blocking
  • Develop more accurate machine learning models, forecasts and analytics for cards, customers and channel

  • Detect man-in-the-middle malware attacks, card-present and card-not-present payment fraud in milliseconds 
  • Increase operational efficiency, optimize data collection and lower cost-to-serve (~85% faster investigation times)
  • Meet regulatory compliance and independently audit every end-to-end transaction off of the network – without added latency or security risk 

What INETCO customers have to say

“Whether it is front line operations, the secondary support teams doing research, or our business teams looking for a better understanding of card usage or ATM channel performance, INETCO’s real-time transaction data platform has positively impacted us all. Woodforest has been able to take a multi-faceted approach to real-time transaction intelligence. This data strategy has measurably paid off in terms of operational efficiency, customer experience and branch profitability.”

Scott Haney, Vice President, Corporate Operations, Woodforest National Bank

“Understanding the member experience is of paramount importance to BECU. INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring and analytics solution effectively shrinks our member transaction intelligence gathering and analysis time from weeks down to minutes — which allows us to make decisions based on timely and comprehensive cardholder analytics.”

Shirley Taylor, Digital Product Manager, Product Management and Development at BECU

“When we approached our IT operations team and learned about the robust transaction data gathering capabilities of INETCO Insight, our fraud prevention team was very excited, especially about the fact this data came with a complete set of message fields. Our team now has the flexibility and visibility it needs to significantly speed up our ability to identify and respond to fraud attacks.”

Ander Murillo Zohn, Deputy Director of Big Data Technologies, E-Global

What makes INETCO real-time solutions unique

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