About INETCO® Systems Limited - Helping Financial Institutions, Payments Service Providers and Retailers unlock the full potential of their payments data

Every Transaction Tells a Story®

INETCO® builds smart technology that makes real-time transaction data workable for customer journey insightsearly warning payment fraud detection and operational performance– across all banking, retail and payment processing environments. Our real-time data platform thrives in self-service and omni-channel ecosystems where timely data collection, organization and visualization is challenging.

“With INETCO’s real-time data platform, banks, payments service providers and retailers gain the open data access they need to keep pace with changing customer behaviors, quickly detect payment fraud and safely adopt IT infrastructure changes that open new revenue streams and deliver the ultimate end-to-end customer experience.” BIJAN SANII, CEO, INETCO SYSTEMS LIMITED


What We Do

Making the analysis of every end-to-end transaction simple

INETCO helps companies improve customer engagement, reduce operational costs, and speed up the isolation of issues affecting transaction availability, security and the end customer experience. We provide payment operations, channel managers, fraud and security teams with the end-to-end transaction visibility and the centralized collection of trusted, real-time data intelligence required to:

  • Understand how customers are engaging, across omni-channel payment environments
  • Analyze the business value of every individual consumer interaction
  • Proactively identify and remediate the threat of failed transactions, systemic issues and fraud attacks before they impact customers
  • Efficiently manage the performance of the end-to-end transaction chain
  • Easily forward rich transaction data into any applications or analytics tools of choice, including:
    • Incident management
    • Customer analytics
    • Channel management
    • Reconciliation
    • Fraud or cash management platforms

Our Products and Services



INETCO Insight® Real-time Transaction Data Acquisition and Machine Learning Platform

Specifically designed for the banking and payments industries, INETCO Insight® provides a real-time, end-to-end view into the performance of every customer transaction. Rich payment transaction data is captured from the network, with the option to forward decoded message fields to any application of choice. With the power to harness continuous transaction data streams, INETCO Insight customers gain a whole new level of agile performance monitoring and trusted data visualization that results in improved customer experiences, faster payment fraud detection, and reduced operational costs.

INETCO Analytics® On-demand Data Visualization and Analysis Software

INETCO Analytics® is an application that utilizes real-time transaction data, machine learning and predictive algorithms for analyzing customer engagement and channel profitability. It equips channel managers and data analysts with the intelligence and visual insights they need to better serve existing customers, acquire new ones, and enhance profitability through improved self-service device placement and catered service offerings.

Our Customers and Partners

INETCO’s growing Fortune 500 world-class customer base includes over 50 global companies that span the banking, ATM, retail and payment processing industries. INETCO also has an established global community of reseller and fintech partners, including NCR, Fiserv, Stanchion and Cognizant.

Our Future

INETCO is committed to making transaction data easily accessible to anyone that needs it -when they need it. This is why we will continue to expand our core competencies around:

  • Real-time fraud detection and prevention for payments
  • Real-time monitoring and data acquisition for payments
  • Real-time business intelligence and analytics for payments