EBT fraud prevention

EBT fraud prevention

Detect suspicious activity and identify anomalous transactions & EBT fraud in real-time.

Benefits of EBT fraud prevention with INETCO

INETCO BullzAI brings real-time User and Entity Behavioural Analysis (UEBA) to detect and gives you the ability to decline electronic benefits transfer and credential theft fraud that other solutions can’t detect. Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning to analyze the unique behavior of each participant, card, or device on the EBT network, INETCO BullzAI knows when a cardholder or account is transacting in a suspicious manner and moves to block it pending investigation.

Identify Anomalous Card Usage

Automatically detect suspicious activity on participant accounts due to card skimming. Know what’s happening in real-time and protect your participants from EBT fraud.

Protect Your Participant's Benefits

With INETCO BullzAI, you can differentiate legitimate transactions from potentially fraudulent transactions in real-time. Our software gives you the ability to decline transactions perpetrated by bad actors before they use stolen credentials or make unauthorized purchases.

Minimize Benefit Reimbursement

Our behavioral analytics and machine learning models alert you to fraudulent SNAP or EBT fraud and gives you the ability to decline fraudulent transactions to reduce the need to reimburse stolen benefits.

How INETCO BullzAI EBT fraud prevention works

Adaptive Machine Learning and Risk Scoring

INETCO BullzAI continuously monitors and assesses individual participant activity and compares it to a unique adaptive machine learning model and behavioral analysis maintained for each individual card and participant. INETCO BullzAI detects anomalous transactions using stolen credentials and skimmed cards to reduce reimbursement of stolen funds.  Capture and analyzes transaction data in milliseconds, rebuilds each participant model on the fly, and assigns risk advice for every transaction in real-time.

Transaction-level Event Monitoring

INETCO BullzAI uses transaction-level event monitoring. This makes it possible to continuously assess and react to suspicious transaction activity related to electronic benefits transfer fraud.