Stop payment fraud and cybercrime in real-time

INETCO BullzAI helps businesses detect and block payment fraud and cyber attacks with granular precision, reducing customer friction, fraud losses, and reputational damage.

Why Inetco

Benefits of INETCO solutions


Detect ever-evolving payment fraud and cyberattacks and block individual fraudulent transactions in milliseconds, without interrupting legitimate payments.

Boost Revenue & Growth

Reduce revenue losses associated with false declines and financial crime. Proactively isolate payment performance issues that are impacting revenue and reputation – 80% faster.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Exceed customer expectations and boost loyalty by offering a seamless payment experience and payment security. Deepen customer knowledge and find new opportunities for growth.


RedAbierta chooses INETCO BullzAI® to secure its payment channels

Central American company, RedAbierta, selects INETCO’s real-time payment fraud detection platform to increase the security of each end-to-end payment transaction


What INETCO offers

Real-time payment fraud detection and blocking

If false declines cost you more than fraud, it’s time to leave your legacy fraud prevention practices behind. INETCO BullzAI lets you detect only fraudulent transactions in real-time, before they complete, letting the legitimate payments go through.

Cybersecurity for Enterprise

Take your cybersecurity to the next level and future-proof your business. With INETCO BullzAI, you can surgically block malicious network traffic without stopping legitimate business.

Real-time transaction monitoring

Harness omni-channel payment data across the entire transaction journey in a single monitoring platform. Optimize operations, reduce payment transaction failures, speed up reporting cycles and forecasting by >75% with INETCO Insight.

Payment analytics

Harness massive volumes of payment intelligence over multiple card rails, customer-facing channels, and disparate data stores – in a cost-effective, timely way, using INETCO Insight® real-time data analytics.

INETCO's global impact

Years in the financial industry
Transaction processed monthly
Protecting customers in 35 countries
Mean-time-to-detect fraud is reduced by >75%
Leading payment processors among our clients
Clients isolate payment performance issues 80% times faster

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