INETCO provides real-time transaction monitoring, analytics and data forwarding solutions for omni-channel banking, self-service networks, and payment processing environments.

Real-time Transaction Monitoring & Data Streaming Platform

Identify transaction performance issues before they impact customer experience. Forward rich transaction intelligence to any application or team that needs it.

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Analytics for Cards, Omni-channel & Self-service Banking

View on-demand analytics to identify new revenue streams, analyze card performance and improve the customer experience across all banking channels.

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Monday December 11, 2017
INETCO Solutions Data Sheet for Switch Monitoring

INETCO Solutions Sheet – Switch Application Performance Monitoring

Centralized switch application performance monitoring is now available within INETCO Insight, to help banks, payment processors and IADs improve availability and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Tuesday November 28, 2017
Stanchion & INETCO Early Warning Fraud Detection at the ATM

Stanchion & INETCO: 3 Ways to Improve Early Warning Fraud Detection at the ATM

Join Stanchion and INETCO as they share how the implementation of real-time transaction monitoring and data streaming has helped combat new advanced persistent threats and increasingly sophisticated coordinated attacks.

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Tuesday December 12, 2017
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INETCO® Helps Banks, Processors and IADs Improve Availability with Centralized Switch Application Performance Monitoring

INETCO announces new centralized switch application performance monitoring capabilities to make it easy for banks, payment processors and IADs to resolve issues faster, consolidate performance tool costs and improve availability.

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Shirley Taylor, ATM Channel Manager at BECU

“…The investment in both INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics has given us on-demand access to the transaction data needed to streamline our reporting processes and deliver a better customer experience at our ATMs.”