INETCO provides real-time transaction performance monitoring, payment fraud detection and on-demand analytics solutions for omni-channel banking, ATM self-service networks and payment processing environments.

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Payment Fraud Detection & Prevention

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Real-time Transaction Monitoring, Payment Fraud Detection, Machine Learning & Data Streaming

Identify transaction performance issues and detect payment fraud before it impacts customer experience and your bottom line. Forward rich transaction intelligence to any application or team that needs it.

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On-demand Analytics & Behavioral Algorithms for Cards, Omni-channel, ATM & Self-service Banking

View on-demand analytics and adaptive behavioral algorithms to identify new revenue streams, analyze card performance and improve customer experience across all ATM, POS & Digital banking channels.

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Latest Resources + News

Thursday December 5, 2019
EVERTEC Costa Rica using INETCO Insight to gain end-to-end visibility into the transaction of a man using a mobile payment application to pay for groceries
case study

How EVERTEC Costa Rica, S.A. Improves Customer Service Levels and Proactive Problem Resolution with Real-time End-to-End Transaction Monitoring

Learn how one of the largest merchant acquirers in Latin America uses INETCO Insight to easily identify network outages, third party disconnects or application latencies that affect consumer payment transactions.

Tuesday December 3, 2019
E-Global securing the end-to-end customer experience, one transaction at a time.

The Need for Data Speed: The secret to how E-Global secures the end-to-end customer experience

Explore how Mexico’s largest electronic payments processor consistently secures the end-to-end customer experience while processing more than 13 million credit and debit card transactions each day.

Thursday February 6, 2020
Cards International Logo written in text
Featured Article

What’s Trending in 2020: Barclaycard Payment Solutions and INETCO share with Cards International

In a post by Mohamed Dabo of Cards International, the CEO of INETCO and the Director of Barclaycard Payment Solutions shared their views on key payment fraud and security issues that will dominate the payments landscape in 2020.