INETCO provides real-time transaction performance monitoring, payment fraud detection and on-demand analytics solutions for omni-channel banking, ATM self-service networks and payment processing environments.

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Payment Fraud Detection & Prevention

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Real-time Transaction Monitoring, Payment Fraud Detection, Machine Learning & Data Streaming

Identify transaction performance issues and detect payment fraud before it impacts customer experience and your bottom line. Forward rich transaction intelligence to any application or team that needs it.

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On-demand Analytics & Behavioral Algorithms for Cards, Omni-channel, ATM & Self-service Banking

View on-demand analytics and adaptive behavioral algorithms to identify new revenue streams, analyze card performance and improve customer experience across all ATM, POS & Digital banking channels.

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A woman using completing a contactless payment on a POS device

INETCO Insight for Payment Analytics and Business Intelligence Data Streaming Product Sheet

Accelerate digital transformation through real-time transaction data acquisition.

A woman completing an online transactions while a fraud operations team monitors for real-time payments fraud

INETCO Insight for Payment Performance Monitoring Product Sheet

INETCO Insight® — Improving payment performance one transaction at a time

Wednesday August 12, 2020
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With an estimated 19% of all internet traffic attributed to bad bots, retailers and financial organizations are struggling to defend against a constant barrage of account takeovers, credential stuffing, card cracking attacks and fake account creation.