INETCO provides real-time transaction monitoring, analytics and data forwarding solutions for omni-channel banking, self-service networks, and payment processing environments.

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Real-time Transaction Monitoring & Data Streaming Platform

Identify transaction performance issues before they impact customer experience. Forward rich transaction intelligence to any application or team that needs it.

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Analytics for Cards, Omni-channel & Self-service Banking

View on-demand analytics to identify new revenue streams, analyze card performance and improve the customer experience across all banking channels.

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Latest Resources + News

Friday August 2, 2019

Banking on ATM Big Data: How to use real-time transaction data to make your operations lean and customers keen

Learn how to use real-time ATM transaction data to support a profitable strategy around digital transformation, ATM channel distribution and customer service delivery.

Friday May 17, 2019

INETCO Insight Data Access Options Product Sheet

Make real-time and historical transaction data collected by INETCO Insight workable for operational performance monitoring, customer insights, and fraud detection.

Tuesday August 6, 2019
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The Compelling Nature of an “All-In” ATM Big Data Solution and a “Yes We Can” Attitude

Get creative and explore new ways to derive meaningful insights from your goldmine of real-time transaction data.