Real-time transaction monitoring software, banking and customer analytics applications for ATM, POS, Internet Banking, Branch and Mobile Banking environments.

Real-time Transaction Monitoring & Alerts

Speed up troubleshooting and proactively identify third party, network or application performance issues before they impact customer service delivery and transaction completion times.

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ATM Customer Analytics & Banking Analytics

Use ATM customer analytics and other banking analytics for better payment processes, optimal service offerings and results-driven marketing decisions.

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Real-time Transaction Data Feed

Integrate a real-time transaction data feed into your favorite ATM management system, enterprise management console, or data analytics platform

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Tuesday March 31, 2015

The ROI of Transaction Visibility – A Case Study

Paul Grieve, the Technical Infrastructure Manager for a global payment and credit card service provider, will share his story about gaining end-to-end visibility into customer transactions.

Tuesday March 31, 2015
case study

How a Global Payment Provider Reduced Transaction Time-outs by 75%

How do you gain a real-time view into transaction life cycles that move through two data centers, a third party telecom, and 54 other ATM, POS, and back-end services?

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Wednesday March 25, 2015
Featured Article

Improving the end customer experience with increased transaction visibility – A webinar and case study

Transaction visibility is the key to increasing the power of an ATM fleet or POS network — to being able to improve the end customer experience

Featured Customer

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Paul Grieve, Technical Infrastructure Manager

"Now rather than five people getting a phone call at 3am to let them know something isn’t working, when I arrive in the morning one of my operators is able to tell me that there was a problem and that they were able to take care of it on their own. Through the improved service delivery, faster problem isolation and reductions in failed revenue-generating transactions, we achieved a full return on our INETCO Insight investment within four months."