INETCO Insight for Payment Analytics and Data Streaming

INETCO Insight for Payment Analytics and Data Streaming

Make better and faster business decisions based on your transaction data, gathered across all your payment channels in real-time and presented in one single dashboard.

How INETCO Insight® for payment analytics can help you

Harness massive volumes of payment intelligence over multiple card rails, customer-facing channels, and disparate data stores – in a cost-effective, timely way, using INETCO Insight® real-time data streaming platform.


Take advantage of on-demand payment analytics and business intelligence streaming, combined with leading-edge AI and machine learning, to make timely data-driven business decisions.


Access rich records of every customer interaction to spot top customers, identify customer acquisition opportunities, and analyze card usage across all payment channels.


Reduce the expensive, resource-intensive cycles it takes to gather payment transaction data; and build reports, forecasting models, and predictive algorithms for payment analytics.

Payment data analysis made easy

With a full 360-degree view of card usage, channel performance, and customer engagement, you can quickly extract payment intelligence and identify new ways to acquire customers, deliver more value to existing ones, prevent payment fraud, and enhance profitability through faster reporting, better device placement, and targeted service offerings.

Simplified payment data acquisition in real-time

Centrally collect real-time transaction data across all card and payment channels, without complicated deployment.

Tailored on-demand reporting

Easily generate reports on customer usage, card profitability, and channel performance, and see them in dynamic dashboards.

Configurable machine learning models, AI, and predictive algorithms

Quickly recognize patterns and predictions related to risk scores, queue lengths, cash flow forecasting, revenue, card usage, and customer buying behaviors.

Reliable payment data streaming and forwarding 

Forward data to analytics applications or data lakes of choice, including Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Real-time payment intelligence for Woodforest National Bank

“...Woodforest has been able to take a multi-faceted approach to real-time transaction intelligence. This data strategy has measurably paid off in terms of operational efficiency, customer experience and branch profitability.”


Payment analytics dashboard examples

Key INETCO Insight features

Real-time, network-based payment data acquisition

Optimize the way payment transaction data is collected, stored and visualized across multi-channel banking and payment environments. No heavy instrumentation, code changes or touching of the payment switch required. Data is accessible on-demand, and delivered in a structured, “ready to analyze” state.

Real-time payment protocol decoding and transaction profiling

Automatically gain access to all application payload messages, metadata, network communications information and response/request times within all transactions. Decode all standard and customized transaction protocols found in banking and payments ecosystems.

Customized and “out-of-the-box” payment analytics dashboards and reports

Establish leading edge visualization into customer engagement, card usage, device placement, channel performance and revenue mix, cash forecasting, failure and outage impacts – across all banking and payment channels. Dashboards can be built in a variety of analytics applications, including Tableau, Jaspersoft and Microsoft Power BI.

Transaction data dictionary and schemas

Gain a complete listing and definition of all transaction data message fields decoded within INETCO Insight. This includes all application payload messages, metadata, network communications information and response/request times within each and every transaction. Decode all standard and customized protocols found in banking and payments ecosystems.

Built-in data lineage and smart data preparation algorithms

Use built-in cleansing algorithms to ensure data lineage is well defined, controlled and maintained to greatly reduce the time required to regularly clean, maintain and monitor the evolution of your data analytics.

Data blending and subscription engine

Payment transactions can be blended with other relevant data, including log files, tables and lists. Complementary information such as BIN lists, competitor locations and population demographics can be displayed with customer transactions in one centralized view for better and faster data-driven decisions. 

Customizable machine learning models, AI and predictive algorithms

Apply industry-specific algorithms, machine learning and predictive modelling to quickly recognize patterns, trends and predictions related to risk scores, queue lengths, cash flow forecasting, revenue forecasting, card usage or customer buying behaviors.

Highly scalable, cost effective data storage

Benefit from the scalability, flexibility, speed and fault tolerance inherent in a Cloudera Hadoop data storage cluster. You also have the option to forward rich payment transaction data to your own centralized data base for analytics.

Real-time business intelligence streaming and forwarding capabilities

Stream or forward rich payment data into data lakes and analytics applications including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Jaspersoft. Data access options include the INETCO Insight REST API, custom API connectors, JSON data streaming, secure CSV batch delivery and full transaction message forwarding to a Hadoop Data Cluster or other database of choice.

INETCO Insight deployment options


  • Ideal if your organization prefers to host on your own infrastructure
  • Store data on your local infrastructure
  • Your organization maintains operability
  • Hosted your analytics tools on-premise or in a private cloud


  • Ideal if your business doesn’t want to manage servers, storage, and maintenance – we run it for you!
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Easily scale with your operations
  • Deployed, hosted, and updated by INETCO

Managed Services

  • Ideal if your organization doesn’t want to host or operate INETCO Insight for payment analytics
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Deployed, hosted, operated, and updated by your Financial Institution’s Partner