POS Analytics - Dashboard Examples

Analyze real-time customer buying behaviors and be responsive to shifts in point of sale (POS) usage with POS data analytics

Improving POS software performance with data analytics – How busy are my POS terminals?

Visualize customer interaction volumes and values by individual POS terminals, stores or regions. Forecast usage trends, and quickly identify where you need to deploy or decommission point of sale (POS) terminals using POS analytics.

POS lost revenue – What is the impact of card failures, declines and slowdowns at my business?

Use POS analytics to forecast the lost revenue caused by transaction failures, unexpected card declines and bottlenecks in real-time. Real-time POS monitoring breaks lost revenue at your business down by error type to determine which problems to prioritize.

POS card usage – What does card traffic look like at each business and retail POS location?

See a breakdown of card usage and transaction types (cashbacks, purchases and refunds) for each selected point of sale (POS) terminal location. Use analytics to identify business and retail POS locations that present opportunities to better service existing customers, or target new ones.

POS customer segmentation – How do my customers choose to interact with my business?

Real-time POS monitoring allows you to view transaction activity and card types used for each of your customers to identify top customers, refine segmentation and better align value-added service offerings.

POS transaction failures – Where are frequent card and service errors occurring?

Identify error types and frequencies for each individual point of sale (POS) device. Evaluate third party service levels and isolate the root cause of recurring errors.

POS system traffic – Which merchant sectors are growing, and which are declining for your business?

Look at top merchants and retail categories based on transaction values and volumes. Know where customers are shopping and identify spending shifts for more targeted programs and segmentation. Investigate where your interchange revenue and card fees are coming from using POS analytics.