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At INETCO, we help businesses detect and block payment fraud and cyber attacks with granular precision, which improves customer experience and increases revenue.

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  • Detect and block payment fraud in real-time with INETCO BullzAI for payment fraud prevention.
  • Take your cybersecurity to the next level and futureproof your business against zero-day and other cyber attacks with INETCO BullzAI Cybersecurity for Enterprise.
  • Optimize operations, reduce payment transaction failures, speed up reporting cycles and forecasting by 75% with INETCO Insight for payment monitoring.
  • Make better and faster business decisions based on your transaction data, gathered across all your payment channels in real-time with INETCO Insight for payment analytics.


Mean-time-to-detect fraud is reduced by >75%
Protecting customers in 35 countries
Clients isolate payment performance issues 80% times faster