POS monitoring

POS monitoring

Proactively isolate point-of-sale performance issues and deliver seamless customer experience with INETCO Insight for Payment Monitoring.

Benefits of real-time POS monitoring with INETCO

Leverage real-time data on POS hot-spots, transaction volumes, failures and potential risks to grow your business with INETCO Insight for Payment Monitoring.

Real-time service monitoring

Visualize POS transaction data in real-time to find payment failures and bottlenecks. Evaluate 3rd party service levels. Increase transaction completion rates during peak seasons and isolate slowdowns up to 80% faster.

Efficient terminal management

Proactively identify point-of-sale hot-spots and top store locations. Forecast potential losses due to transaction failures, unexpected card declines and bottlenecks. Plan optimal locations for deploying or decommissioning POS terminals.

Improve fraud prevention

Protect POS Terminals from fraud. Get real-time alerts on EMV fallbacks, unexpected card declines, high volume transaction patterns and any other suspicious activity along the entire transaction journey.

What our customers say

Transaction Monitoring for EVERTEC

“INETCO Insight transaction monitoring software empowers us to know, within seconds, when something is going wrong with one of our customers. EVERTEC Costa Rica has now proven its ability to exceed customer service level expectations by moving from a reactive to a proactive service model.”


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